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A lot of broken cosmetic items

Content of the article: "A lot of broken cosmetic items"

Hello dear developers, if you see this post, please correct the problems described in the topic that I created on your official forum

Dear users and readers of Reddit, if you are also interested in fixing these bugs, please vote for this topic, and also write the bugs that you found in the comments, I will definitely add them to this topic

The more views and votes of a given topic, the faster the developers will notice it

after adding multiple bugs to the list, the site considered me a spam bot and closed the topic for review by the moderator

there are no moderators on the site, you will have to create a topic for the third time

During this time, the post managed to collect about 500 views.

a little later I will copy everything from that topic and add a new link here

Here is the content of the topic, who did not have time to watch


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