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A mini guide on Invoker matchups as Quas Wex

Content of the article: "A mini guide on Invoker matchups as Quas Wex"

Hello. This my fav hero, here’s some tips to play against matchups, will do more if people find this helpful.

Queen of Pain:

Always block your creeps as soon as they spawn, if creeps meet on your high ground while she’s standing on river you can punish her first dagger heavily with coldsnap as she’s mid animation and hitting 3-4 times before she backs off, this will force her first salve and make you able to get lvl 3 unpressured. Prep the creeps to secure range+any melee creeps whilst hitting her & be ready to purge off runes, go 3 quas/2wex if you’re getting pressured/losing. Always combo in this order: Emp+Tornado+Coldsnap (as she’s mid animation of blinking out) this will always work unless she blinks after emp so you do this combo as she’s about to go for a cs (it always works) You can out CS QoP easily if you finish 2 nulls before her as she’s commiting regen to try pressure you. Treads/raindrop you shouldn’t ever die solo, don’t panic if she blinks you either ghost, fight or instant tp. Try not to ever be on low ground once she’s lvl 5, this matchup is fairly easy but she can still kill you very easily with any assistance.

Templar Assassin:

Play ultra agressive from lvl 1, hit her as much as you can whilsts repositioning you have to win this matchup on first wave, kill her range creep fast so you have creep advantage to help burn refraction, Go 2 mantle/circlet/blades of attack. You will need Phase to kite her and armour, Use Emp+Tornado and save coldsnap to help deny or secure range creeps, You need to survive atleast 4 hits mid game so Phase/Drum/Medallion is core. Defeaning Blast disarm scales with Wex (up to 5.75 seconds) so it’s your best spell to save against her once she blinks in fights, She can blink out of Combos so punish her blinking in instead (1 Value point of exort to have huge impact with Def blast & Ice wall) Constantly scout Rosh with forge spirit as duration scales with Quas.

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Ember Spirit: Attack constantly from lvl 1, If he goes flame guard lvl 1 draw creep agro to last hit under tower (He can deny you easily with Queling so better off guarentee xp and try cs under tower) Coldsnap him lvl 1 to secure or deny range creep. Save tornado to purge flameguard/runes. Play super agressive you wont win trying to out cs melee heroes, if a sup can stop him from getting 4 min rune you should win lane. Try gank with Emp+Coldsnap always anticipate him to respond to your rotations so save tornado for his flame guard.

Dragon Knight:

Play super agro lvl 1 as he likely has breath fire, if he salve early you can actually win this matchup If you interrupt it with coldsnap, prep the creeps so you’re always securing atleast 2-3 creeps with tornado, auto attack the catapult wave (Catapult is always 4 tower hits + 1 auto attack) If your tower is atleast half HP by 6min or still standing by 11 min you won your lane. Rotate like crazy as DK is super slow and let someone take mid, focus on DK once you finish Vessel (12-14min)


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