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A Movie Monster as a Dota 2 Hero

Gojira, King Of The Monsters (STR-Nuker-Durable-Pusher)

Gojira is a tanky strength hero who excels in punishing enemies who hurt him in one way or another,commanding mindless enemies to his will and can even obliterating any foe across the map.


A lot of wonders and mysteries are hidden under the depths of the ocean. One such mystery is the creature called Gojira.

A creature as tall as a mountain and spines on his back that are big as houses, Gojira is a bizarre monstrosity.

Some of the mer scholars theorized he is the last of his kind while the naga shamans think he is a corporal construct of nature's anger itself and levianth elders wanted to study him for his power of being able to control other lifeforms around him through his roars, hence giving him the title of King of the Monsters as he occasionally ravages both land and sea and somewhat benefits the environment when he does it.

Long has been this creature occasionally seen across multiple generations both land and sea dwellers. Gojira was never seen again for some millenia until the destruction of the Mad Moon. Seismic activity disturbs him as he finally awakes from his very long slumber.

As he swims upward, the questions are piling up about who he really is, but it doesn't matter if he's the guardian of the planet or the punisher of those who abuses nature. As he surfaces, he charges up as spines from his tail loghts up and it continues upward as he raises his head, releasing a huge beam of light.

As he senses the malicious intentions of the arrival of the Ancients, Gojira roars, announcing the return of the king.

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(Q) King's Roar

After 1 second delay, roars on a wide cone-shaped area, causing enemy heroes caught on the AOE to flee in terror, gaining phased movement.

Any non-enemy unit that is caught on the roar, regardless of ally or foe, will attack any enemy hero in their vicinity throughout the duration.

Gives bonus damage on the affected non-hero units.

Also affect player-controlled units.

Doesn't affect ancient creeps, creep heroes, illusions or Roshan.

Pierces Spell Immunity:No

Non-Hero Unit Bonus Damage:5/9/13/17


Fear Duration:1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5



"Already a monster of strength and ability, adding the sense of cunning adds up to this godly combination"

(W) Unfathomable

Passive: Gojira's atomic physiology clashes with mystical energies causing to inflict punishment to any magic damage he receives to the magic dealer while giving him magic resistance and armor.

Any spell casted to Gojira's back will have the spell caster to lose some mana, casting spells in front of Gojira will cause pure damage to the spellcaster and casting from the side will lessen magic damage.

Will still affect spells that doesn't cost mana.

Will trigger once for every casted spell, therefore DoT spells doesn't trigger many Unfathomable effects.

Doesn't affect items.

Pierces Spell Immunity:Yes

Mana Loss Inflicted: 20/40/60/80

Pure Damage Inflicted:30/50/70/90

Magic Damage Reduction:10%/15%/20%/25%


Bonus Magic Resistance :9%/18%/27%/36%

Bonus Armor:3/5/6/7

"Throughout the long history of the battle of the Ancients, Gojira would sometimes retreat and comes back even stronger."

(E) Nuclear Pulses

After a brief dealy, Gojira releases a nuclear pulse that shreds some of his health and inflicts health percentage as damage to nearby enemies as well as restoring health to his allies.

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Casting this spell also removes a percentage of cooldown on Gojira's spells.

Cannot be used to suicide but can be denied by allies when Gojira's maximum hp drops at 10% for a certain time from cast.

Pierces Spell Immunity:No

Cast Delay:1.25

Health Cost:8%/12%/14%/16%

Health Percentage as Damage:10%/14%/18%20%


Cooldown Reduction Percentage: 5%/7%/9%/11%

Deny Timer Upon Cast:4


"With the power of a planet's core, Gojira razes the battlefield"

(R) Atomic Breath

Harnessing every bit of nuclear energy inside him, Gojira charges up his most destructive spell for 4 second, disarming him while giving him bonus movement speed.

After 4 seconds, Gojira releases a concentrated beam of nuclear energy from his mouth that while being rooted in one place, dealing damage to any enemy caught on the beam.

Continous exposure to the beam will increase the damage dealt to the enemy over time.

Cannot be interrupted even though Gojira is still vulnerable to damage and stuns can stop Gojira from turning.

Can be canceled anytime but will still put the spell on full cooldown.

Doesn't affect Roshan.

Destroys trees but trees destroyed by Atomic Breath will come back after 10 seconds.

Gojira's base turn rate is 50% decreased.

Can't be released early.

When Gojira dies while charging up, he fires the atomic breath on a direction he is facing for the minimum damage only but still with global range.

Will inflict full damage to enemies exposed to the beam for 5 seconds and the beam will deal full damage afterwards.

Can still use spells during the charge time

Pierces Spell Immunity:Yes


Bonus Movement Speed:30%/40%/50%

Damage Per Second:80-200/90-400/100-600



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Aghanim's Effect: Now slow enemies being inflicted with Atomic Breath

"A lethal display of supremacy that baffles science and magic alike"


LVL 10 200 hp or +4 Mana Regen LVL 15 +1 King's Roar duration or +200 King's Roar range LVL 20 +20 Strength or Nuclear Pulse removes debuffs LVL 25 -1 second Atomic Breath charge time or Atomic Breath grants +40 status resistance

(I'm a Godzilla fan so I did this and yep his skill set somewhat similar to Underlord due to the delays but his overall playstyle is different)


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