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A Plea to Carry Players: Make Plays Early

Hi there, I’m a 3k offlaner, and I am having a bit of an issue (I probly have a few issues, I’m 3k, but, yknow what I mean). The issue is, I think I’m starting to actively hate my position 1’s.

If you’re a position 1 player around the 3k bracket, don’t worry, I’m not here to berate you. But I know this is something that exists below 3k, and I peeked my head above 4k for a bit and saw a lot of the same ugly shit there.

The thing is, a lot of carry players know what to do when the other lanes are going well, or when their lane is going well – typically, that is to proceed as though the laning stage will never end.

But I don’t think a single position 1 that I get in my game knows what to do when their lane is going poorly. Often times, the poor lane looks like the carry dying a couple times before running to jungle.

That’s okay! That’s why it’s the safe lane, you got a big ol jungle to farm! I get it!

What I struggle to get is why they’ll get in the jungle and queue a hand of midas, or a battle fury.

“Omni, what’s wrong with Battle Fury? It’s a good item!”

You’re right! It is! But unless you’re an Anti-Mage, I benefit from you getting onto the map as quickly as humanely possible!

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Your ENTIRE TEAM benefits from you getting onto the map as quickly as possible. Hell, that should be your goal as a carry in the first twenty minutes – just farming your way into being able to lane, or push lanes.

There’s also the fact that you don’t HAVE to jungle.

It seems very scary, but there is actually a world in which you – yes, you, the hard carry – can gank. It’s nothing fancy, really.

Just tell your offlaner you’re coming. And TP to him.

The goal is to give you a lane to farm. Most of the time, your offlaner is genuinely not going to mind an extra set of hands trying to kill the enemy 1, and also are likely willing to give up the lane of farm to you.

Obviously the success of this varies with heroes, but the main factor to consider is how your carry stacks up against theirs right now. If you’re a Drow and the enemy carry is an Ursa, you’re going to ruin that bear’s life.

If you’re an Ursa and the enemy carry is a Drow.. it honestly might still be possible, but it’s probably not a place you wanna be 1v1.

If your offlaner is anything like me, they will genuinely love you for this rotation. After all, our asshole Storm Spirit is already gonna spend 25 minutes in the triangle trying to get a Bloodstone, so it’s genuinely up to you, me, and the supports some games to not get rolled early.

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The point of all of this is – If you’re a carry player, you cannot blame others for the fact that your lane went poorly. In general, you can’t blame others for what happens to you. Only you choose where to be and what to do at any given time. That goes for all roles, but carries are often guilty of this mentality.

Just consider – next rough lane – making a move of your own. Your team won’t gank their 3? Gank their 1. Total chad move.

Can’t gank their 1? Fine. Go ahead and jungle. But if I see one more carry with half a Battle Fury at 19 minutes, I’m going to quite possibly abandon.

I hope this isn’t too much of a wall of text, I’m writing it on mobile, but I just had to get some thoughts out there for all the carries that look helpless when the game is getting rough.


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