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A post about me, a noob caster

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Hi guys, long time lurker first time poster, and today I want to share a story that has made me feel so over the moon that I actually didn't know who else to share it with. Please note this isn't a plug for myself, i just wanted to share my experience.

4 days ago I had decided I was going to test casting DotA 2 matches just for fun, see how it sounded and what it felt like. Innocently casting the CDA FDC league qualifiers when there was no English casters available, I thought i did okay, it was fun and enjoyable yet also a bit difficult doing it all solo. I found it that fun I decided to make a decision to cast games throughout the rest of the tournament just to see how everything went.

Fast forward to 4 days later, This morning ( I'm from Australia ) last series of the day being PSG.LGD vs VG i had this feeling that the game was going to be close. Most likely going the full length of 3 games, and people slowly ramping up support in my channel with my viewer count growing quite rapidly. Right before game 3 in the intermission Ii get a follow from noobfromUA ( for those who don't know who this is, please check him out. Daily DotA highlights from almost every game and with very rapid turn-around times ) I was frozen, there was no way he was actually following my channel, i didn't believe it was really him. I get a private message from the account, saying he wants to use my casting in his replay of the BO3 .. in literal shock! I couldn't believe it, writing this seems so surreal to me still I cant even comprehend what's happening. I know I'm nothing special and I know I have so much to learn and to make myself better but the amount of support I've been given in such short amount of time is actually unbelievable. 6 months ago i stopped playing because i felt like the game had turned into a spectator sport rather then a playing one, and one spare of the moment decision has landed me here.

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Guys for reference I'm not here trying to make money, or get famous or anything along those lines. I am genuinely doing it for fun and the more I do it and the more people who give feedback just makes me want to get better and better. Apologies for the lengthy post, Ii understand this may not reach many people and will probably stay hidden forever but I just cant think of anywhere else to express my feelings right now.

For anyone who has heard my casting please let me know any feedback you may have, im wanting to improve every single day and you guys are the ones i'm casting to, so your comments are what matter to me the most. Let it be good or bad comments, everything needs to be told to me at some point so please don't be shy.

Video highlight :

Thanks for your time reader, here's to hopefully many more games!

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