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After a 12 consecutive losses, I just had a amazing match which I can believe we actually won.

So, I'm not sure about all the rumors about how valve puts you with shitty teammates, but this last week it seemed just impossible to win.

Two months ago I was 10mmr, I was about to reach crusader after spamming Alch mid during all of Herald. After reaching Guardian I started spamming first offlane Chaos Knight and then offlane Underlord. I had like 16 won games with Underlod I think and only 3 losses. I had almost reached Guardian 5 and was expecting to get to Crusader in a week or two.

So I got bored and fixed what wasn't broken, I started playing other roles, other heroes, and lost 12 consecutive games. 12! I felt hopeless.

Getting my shit together, I decided today I would start spamming Underlord again.

We start the match and two minutes in, Batrider pos 5 calls PL ps 1 noob because of not leveling spirit lance. He then decides to start feeding, buying all wards and placing them in our base, and blocking every single jungle camp. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Coming from 12 losses, I was ready to quit DOTA.

So I say to my PL: "PL, just farm, i'll make space". He starts insulting me, and I guess he has the same PTSD than me, he thinks im flaming "oh, PL only farms". So I say again: "No, im serious, just farm, just go jungle, i'll make space". I try to push lanes as much as I can, to defend towers as much as I can. I did steal some jungle farm, but I tried to do it the less I could. All this time batrider is still blocking our camps, feeding, etc.

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So Lion ps 4 is tryharding. Seriously, he just kept succesful gank after gank, by the end of the game he had like 12 stacks on his laser beam of death. He is definetly the one most responsible for winning the game. Pugna ps 2 is playing half heartedly, he is bitching about batrider in all chat. He keeps playing, but he is not giving his best.

So suddenly, somehow, we win a teamfight. Suddenly, somehow, we win a second teamfight. I must say that we were like 15-3 at one point.

It was war of attrition, step by step, we tried to take control of our map again. Pugna had started to believe we could actually win, and even Batrider started playing. I dont know wtf happened, maybe his brother started playing, but suddenly he was a pretty good batrider.

Match lasted 55 minutes, and we had 10 less kills, but we eventually won.

I broke my 12 consecutive losses as a Siege machine, just constantly applying pressure and never giving up. I had Grieves, Crimson, Pipe, Terrasque and buyback ready. I had 340 extra damage from atrophy aura after the last teamfight, I had 15% firestorm damages buildings talent. I TOOK THOSE TOWERS. Feeling like a untouchable Raid Boss marching into the enemy base is pretty fucking fun. Even more if you come from loosing 12 games in a row.

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If I learned anything from this match is that to climb, you can't fuck around. Just play your most succesful heroes. Just do it. No matter how bored you may be. If you are bored, take a break from DOTA, but I lost almost 400mmr by fixing what wasn't broken.

Once I reach Archon, im going to post a guide about how I climbed from 10mmr, everything I learned along the way. The myths about the trench, what's actually true from the myth, how trench DOTA is different from pro DOTA, and what you have to do to win Trench DOTA. Im also thinking of writing it when I reach Crusader, but im not sure how much interest there may be for it, if you guys think there is, let me know. Reaching Archon will take way longer than reaching Crusader. I know because I used to be 2.5k back when couriers were still bought.


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