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Ageha, The Horror Disguised By Benign Masquerade

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normal form

Introduction :

Ageha, The Horror is a range intelligence hero who utilize illusive and horrifying ability to disrupt her enemies information using Masquerade that create an illusion one of her teammates that deal damage and slow an enemy who's foolish enough to destroy it or Pretend a spell that could exchange her appearance with one of her teammates while giving them a protective shield that can absorb incoming damage, she also able to make use of Terrorizing Gaze a channeling spell that target an enemy making them run around in panic and lastly her signature Unmask releasing her true form turning her into melee hero giving her more hitpoint and improving all of her basic abilities

Stats :


strength 18 + 2.5 level 1 hp : 580

agility 23 + 2.5 level 1 armor : 3.68

intelligence 22 + 3 level 1 magic resist : 26.08%

Q. Masquerade

target unit ability / affect friendly heroes

Create an illusion of the target hero if the illusion die before it expired it’ll deal damage to whoever dealt the killing blow

illusion damage taken 300/300/250/200%

illusion last 20/25/30/35 seconds

illusion damage 20/25/30/35% of the target

illusion death damage 100/200/300/400

illusion death slow 10/15/20/35%

cooldown 15 seconds

W. Pretend

target unit ability / affect friendly heroes

Swap your appearance with target ally however the disguise shell will break when you attack, casting spells or taking too much damage, while in the shell you gain a temporary shield that negates incoming damage. The disguise shell will appear as if they taken damage like a normal target to your enemy.

shell temporary shield hitpoint 100/150/200/250

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cooldown 30 seconds

E. Terrorizing Gaze

target unit channeled ability / affect enemy heroes

Stare at your enemy “intimidatingly” causing them to panic and which make them to mistake their commands

the move command will be random into a move command 250 radius around the afflicted hero instead

the attack and spell casting command will be random to the valid target in 300 radius of the original target instead (this still include the original target)

channeling time 2/3/4/5 seconds

cooldown 30 seconds

R. Unmask

no target ability

unleashing her true form becoming an eldritch abomination empowering her other abilities as well as increasing her health and turned her into melee hero

Maximum Health increase 500/700/900

last 30 seconds cooldown 180 seconds

Masquerade turn into Discarded Shells a no target spell that spawn illusions of herself not only the illusion explode on death they also has a poison effect on their attack

illusion damage taken 200/150/100%

poison damage 40/80/120 per second

cooldown 10 seconds

illusion last 25 seconds

Pretend turn into Fleshy Costume an allied heroes target spell that give her target her appearance (this will also turn them into melee hero if they’re ranged, the disguise no longer break when they cast spells or attack however if they ran out of shield it will still break)

shell temporary shield hitpoint increase +100/+150/+200

Terrorizing Gaze turn into Terrorizing Roar no longer a channel ability instead an instant effect aoe around herself enemies around her will be inflicted by “panic” effect however the effect of the spell will be shortened

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debuff last 1/2/3/4 seconds

LV 1 : become an aoe spell with 300 radius around herself

LV 2 : also granting her allies 10 armor and 20% magic resistance (last 15 seconds)

LV 3 : healing herself for 20% of her maximum HP for each enemy heroes affected by the roar

Aghanim’s Scepter Upgrade : The Butterfly Affliction

While in her true form the ultimate ability turns into Butterfly Affliction, it can only be casted while she has more than 40% of her max HP. Once casted she will instantly die(count as deny giving no golds nor xp to enemy team) left behind her “larva”

larva form

The larva is immune to all damage, it can still be stunned. It moves at a fixed speed of 300 (can’t be slow) has no vision but can still cast spells in her true form variant albeit somewhat weaker. Once the respawn time countdown to 0 the larva will turn into Ageha

Discarded Shell now spawn an illusion of the larva which they’re disarmed

Fleshy Costume now only coated ally in a shield (no longer turn them into melee or copy Ageha appearance)

Terrorizing Roar now only affect 1/2/3 random targets in the area (Prioritize heroes)

Talent Tree

Panic become undispellable -100 seconds Unmask Cooldown
enemies are 20% slowed when panic +200 Attack speed
illusion explode +100 dmg 100 gpm
+200 HP +100 shell HP


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