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AGHS REWORK CONTEST & 2 Point Contest Winner

Content of the article: "AGHS REWORK CONTEST & 2 Point Contest Winner"


1st Place for the 2 Point Contest goes to u/Delta17v2's Hata no Kokoro!

Feedback said that the hero is a very well made Position 4 hero that has abilities that work very well together while also being useful to any team she's in. A small critique is that her ult might be too situational.

u/Amonkira42 has dropped the Divine Rapier flair and it has been picked up by u/Delta17v2, who will also receive a $5 Steam Gift Card!

2nd Place goes to u/ezr4ch's Cithra the Fate of Predestination!

Feedback said that the hero has really cool flavor and fits the theme and mechanic very well. Is a very unique concept for a hero and uses it to be a big team fight presence. Critiques are that she is too reliant on stats and a passive play style for a support hero to have much of an individual impact. Also feels slightly too busy with no straight forward game play.

3rd Place goes to u/itsRyanCooper's Jäeger Vichmann!

Feedback said that the hero's theme fits great and while his abilities are really cool and bring some neat new ideas the hero as a whole feels off the mark. An area-control melee mage is a great idea, but suffers from his spell immunity not fitting too well as a parry effect, only being able to shift prescence to one statue feels like a missed opportunity, and an overall lack of synergy/cohesiveness of his abilities. A cool hero with fresh ideas, but a less polished concept compared to the other submissions.


This month's contest is an Aghanim's Scepter Rework Contest! You'll need to rework the Aghanim's Scepter bonus effect for one hero!

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Once the contest ends, I will pick 3 of the best submissions for a subreddit vote to determine the winner!


  • You may only submit one entry

  • Your submission must be new, you cannot submit previously made content.

  • Post your submission, or a link to your submission, in this thread.


  • Contest ends August 24th!

Judging Guidelines

  • How interesting is the Aghs effect? Does it sound like a fun effect to play with and against? Is it too unbalanced conceptually?

  • How well does the Aghs effect match the hero? Does the Aghs effect match the hero's identity in both theme and mechanics?

  • How well does the Aghs build on the hero's kit? Is it worth farming the 4200 gold needed for the Aghs? Would the effect be too situational or good and be built in every game?

Feedback Requirement

You must also give feedback on another submission! If you don't, your submission won't count.


Winner will receive a $5 Steam gift card and will get a special flair for the next month!

(Gift card will be distributed electronically through Steam)

Questions, comments, or ideas for other contests can be commented in this thread or PMd to me!


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