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Aiel, the Cursed Soul [Metal and Blood]


Weeping Rose is famous for its motley cast of characters – mages, demi-gods, and merchants from all walks of life converging at one spot, wielding the most exotic of magics. Yet, even amongst the weirdos there are weirdos.

Once a prodigious magus, after a life of adventuring and academia Aiel was eager to discover a path to immorality for mainstream appeal. Discontent with magic's unreliability and the frustratingly slow progress of science, he pursued a small, yet potent, sub-field of alchemy which fused scientific knowledge and magical means to fuel the act of creation. It was there that he would come up with an idea: to transcribe the physical body into magic, and tether the soul to a vessel so that it may live forever.

He spent three years in preparation, meticulously testing and documenting the spells that would transcend him into the purely spiritual, excitedly, but cautiously, prying in between the layer which separated fiction from reality. When his work was complete, and his metal soon-to-be body was welded together, he began the ritual on himself, transcribing his heart, eyes, and even his brain. At last it was time to transfer his soul. He watched himself hold up his own comatose body with metal arms before beginning the last incantations.

It failed. This isn't to suggest that his current fate was a result of a single mistake, simply that faltering at this crucial step made his failures more abundantly clear. As he attached his soul to its new vessel, his former self suddenly and unexpectedly reanimated itself, eyes now glowing with demonic energy and desperately pulling for its tether. Aiel swung, knocking back the seemingly possessed flesh across the room and forcibly snapping the connection.

But it was too late. His soul had already been tainted with the mortal stench. His first instinct was pain, followed by unending desire. He needed a body. Flesh. Blood. He scoured the room until he saw it – a fresh corpse propped against the wall. Aiel tore into the body, ripping it apart and absorbing all the vitality he could. When it had completely withered, he realized what he had done.

But it was not enough, and in days the memory faded away. Since then he had secluded himself within an unassuming residence, only emerging to consume occasional cadaver for moments of clarity. With the war ongoing, however, this has changed, and in time, his failed experiment may prove itself worthy on the battlefield.

– Has a relatively modest appearance: is essentially a black-steel metal suit of armor with a lid where the neck should be, but has a container in the middle of his stomach that is filled with blood and is see-through. In it one can clearly see a small homunculus, reminscent of a detached but withered human head, that looks like a cross between Omega Flowey's face, E.T, and a bald old man. Why is there a glass stomach in the middle of a freaking suit of armor when that's obviously counterintuitive? I dunno. Magic?

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– Abilities use the 'darker' side of alchemy, modifying living things in order to inflict damage onto other living things.

– Former name was Aenus.

Notable Stats:

Is a ranged strength hero who casts white bolts of magic. 23 base strength + 2.5 strength gain; 20 agility + 3 agility gain; 19 intelligence + 2.5 intelligence gain; Base movespeed: 300; Attack range: 600 units.


Note: Elemental debuffs can react (see Special User Interface*)*

Monolith (target area)

Aiel strips the iron from his blood and uses it to summon a monolith, impaling any units caught within the spell's cast area. Impaled units take periodic damage and are rooted until they can break themselves free. <2 attacks to break free; is not the same thing as breaking the monolith>. Enemies who are near the monolith will also take damage and receive a minor slow. Applies Cursed Blood when enemies are impaled or remain in its radius, which deals damage over time, extends debuffs and reduces magical resistance. Monoliths can be destroyed (calculates by attacks; 8?).

Unable to consistently cast higher forms of quasi-magical alchemy due to his unique mental state, Aiel instead resorts to powerful revisions of basic elemental (or in this case, metallurgic) magics.

= Vitality Bending and Blood Bending are leveled together =

Vitality Bending (target area)

Steal vitality from your enemies, taking their mana and health and granting it to yourself. Initially deals moderate damage. Inflicts the Vitality Bending debuff, which drains enemy's health and mana.

Derived from the fundamental element of fire, Aiel has made liberal use of this technique to steal the life-energy from his opponents and sooth his own tortured soul.

Blood Bending (target area)

Manipulate your opponent's blood flow, throwing their circulatory system in chaos. Initially deals heavy damage and inflicts the Blood Bending debuff, which slows enemies and deals damage over time.

Derived from the fundamental element of water, blood-bending is terrifying by its very nature.

= Decay and Fleshbending are leveled together =

Decay Bending (target area)

Cause enemies in the affected range to rapidly age and decay, initially dealing moderate damage. Inflicts the Decay debuff, which deals (relatively) heavy damage over time.

Derived from the fundamental element of earth, decay-bending is the most physically dangerous of the bending types.

Soul Bending (target area)

Directly bend your opponents' soul, causing their spiritual essence to weaken. Initially deals light damage and inflicts the Soul Bending debuff, which deals light damage over time and disarms enemies.

Derived from the fundamental element of wind, Soul Bending is a perverted version of the otherwise peaceful element, and is the only type of bending which can permanently damage someone's spiritual tether.

<Each bending ability has a somewhat significant cast time (to avoid spamming) and low-moderate cooldowns.>


Elemental Refinement (no target)

Activate to access refined element skills, replacing their respective elemental bendings. Only one can be activated before this skill goes on cooldown, reverting the pseudo-ultimates to their skill counterparts.

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In brief moments of time, Aiel regains his former consciousness and is able to display the full extent of his power.

Lightning (from Vitality Bending) – Project a lightning strike from your hands, which deals massive damage to a single target and explodes horizontally (damage aoe is in a semi-circle behind the cast angle). Enemies hit and affected by the vitality debuff will receive extra damage, consuming the debuff.

Derived from a full mastery of fire, Lightning is impressive in both the skill it required to learn it and it's innate destructive power.

Ice (from Blood Bending) – Surround an area around you with water before freezing it, enveloping all enemies inside and slowing and damaging them. Enemies hit and affected by the blood debuff will receive a short stun and will take increased damage, consuming the debuff.

One of the easiest mastery techniques (and yet one of the more useful ones), creating ice is for applicable to almost any situation, such as trapping enemies and freezing enemies.

Metal (from Decay Bending) – Encase yourself in a metal suit of armor (again!), which lets you blocks a percentage of damage for a set number of attacks. Damage is diminished for less stacks. Performing a basic attack will also reduce a stack, granting you bonus damage based on your current stacks. If the enemy is inflicted with the decay debuff you will deal critical damage and mini-stun, consuming the debuff .

Stubborn, stubborn earth is nothing compared to metal. Those who do eventually master it must be headstrong in their convictions.

Space (from Soul Bending) – Once, you were so refined at manipulating air particles that you were able to directly control the distance between objects. Regain that power and gain flying vision, massively reduced cooldowns for your other spells, massively increased attack range, and pull enemies you attack toward you . If the enemy you attack has the soul debuff, pull the enemy a great distance and silence them .

By far the hardest elemental mastery technique, it is believed by many in the quasi-alchemy community that those who master air can detach themselves from the mortal realm and ascend to a higher plane.

Aghanim's Scepter

All bending abilities now have (2 or 3) charges. / Alternatively, can access pseudo-ultimates freely (that is, they don't get kicked out after they cast one of them and can switch freely between ultimates and abilities).

Aghanim's ShardUpgrades Monolith –

Monoliths will now resonate with eachother when within a certain proximity. Monoliths which resonate will emit a pulse periodically, which will apply identical (but shorter and independent) effects to that of standing nearby. Pulses stretch out a much greater range .

Special User Interface:

REACT (short for reaction table)

Much like how invoker has a tab over his invoke spell, Aiel has a tab that lists all the possible reactions from debuffs. Hovering over the addition end-product will reveal the debuffs (in order to minimize space). Debuffs are presented as quasi-abilities. Reactions will last until their combination disappears.

Vitality Bending + Soul Bending = Shadow Bending – When this reaction occurs, after a brief delay, creates a shadowy figure on the ground (similar to a real shadow) of the hero, which attacks the enemy relentlessly. Cannot be killed. Vitality Bending while attack speed percentage is based on Soul Bending>.

Fire is element of desire. Air is the element of freedom. Hidden in the shadow of man is his own hatred, yearning to be free.

Blood Bending + Decay Bending = Flesh Bending – When this reaction occurs, allows you to partially control that enemy's movement, moving them with a certain amount of movement speed less than they currently have and allowing you to make them attack allies . This effect is temporarily muted when they take a certain amount of damage Blood Bending and damage threshold is based on Decay Bending>.

Water is the element of change. Earth is the element of substance. Mortals must adapt to survive while living with this transformation.

(Shortening it) Earth + Water + Fire + Air = Void Bending – Immediately cancels all elemental reactions. Summons a vortex at the enemy's location, which sucks enemies depending on their proximity to it. Deals heavy damage over time.

From the beginning they emerged, and in the end they will return.

Relationships: Knows Invoker and Rubick (Aiel was once a magus) but due to his experiment he can't exactly communicate that well. Most characters are somewhat terrified of him. Tinker already sees alchemy as a quack science, and seeing it with magic is even more insult to injury. Alchemist rejects what Aiel is doing is actually alchemy, calling it "quack magic" and not "true alchemy".

– Note: The 'reaction' idea was borrowed from an old idea I had (that I didn't post on reddit) and so it might seem off here.

– Starting to think 'metal' was not literal in this context.


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