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All 145 Standard Hero Builds Item and Ability texts have been re-written

Content of the article: "All 145 Standard Hero Builds Item and Ability texts have been re-written"

*small typo, it should be 161, not 145

Every year for the past almost eight years, I do an annual revision on all item and ability tool-tips for 161 hero builds. After several months, I have updated all item and ability tool-tips for this year. If you see any errors, please let me know.

Notable changes are:

  • For some key items, there are now more hero-contextual references and key synergies combos outlined. This gives better understanding of how well an item plays off the hero's kit.
  • Double-checked all texts for outdated information. If you notice any inaccuracies, please let me know.
  • You may see repeated tooltip texts for some items as the intent to buy an item is relatively the same regardless of the hero.

Recently, I livestream to pass the COVID times: I test my guides and play pubs. (about 30 games a week) but I also play a lot of singleplayer (just finished Mafia, Horizon Zero Dawn and 40 other games). I have a personal goal to qualify for partner one day and love chatting with people.

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For two years, I have been uninvolved with Dota2. For me, I treat guides as a personal project and passion for Dota 2, but I understand how the way I publicly speak and present my dedicated interest is a problem for some when it feels excessive or misinterpreted as a finality. To add, my guides are an exertion of dedicated effort, not of superior personal skill. Anyone can do them and you are welcome to. If you see an error in my guides, contact me to check it out. I update guides almost weekly and the process is the same since 2013: research, data, streams, pro-matches and feedback. You can see which guides have been updated by following my twitter/TorteDeLini.

PS: Here is a list of upcoming planned posts about the hero builds:

  • New Patch & Hero Guide Release (December)
  • 8-year anniversary blog post (February, 2021)
  • there may be others but they are not planned. Typically, posts are on an informative, and maximum monthly, basis (like before).
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