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Anecdote updates on Chinese team—-Team Elephant& Aster

The first day of the main event has been insane. As a Chinese dota fan, it is sad to see that two Chinese teams are already on their way to the airport. But this is Dota competition, you lose, you go home. But I still feel the need to bring you guys some random interesting facts about these teams.

BTW, if you guys haven't missed out on previous post where I talked about some anecdotes for team PSG.LGD, you can definitely check that out. in the link down below

Player Borax, or Boboka, got caught being a hooker by the police right before the beginning of Singapore Major earlier this year, during which he spent 3K CNY and did not get what he wanted. He got the name "the jungle king" because in Chinese, going jungle in real life implies finding a prostitute and have casual sex.

Player Borax once somehow had a famous Japanese idol Saitō Asuka record a short video celebrating his birthday and posted on his Weibo (Microblog) account. This move was highly controversial especially among Saitō Asuka fans, since interfering with idol's personal life or contacting the idol alone is considered a bad move in the circle. Since then, Borax got the name Boboka San(さん)

The boss for team Aster is actually Burning, the legendary carry that once has a really good reputation among Chinese Dota fans. However, his extremely toxic comments in one pub games with Inflame (former pos3 player in LFY) triggered a whole series of collapse for his image as a public figure. In the game, Inflame questioned about Burning's way of farming and suggested that he should take some teamfights. Burning replied with some serious insults, on live stream. Burning was also found to sell the cosmetics his fans gave him.

The Aster he found also suffered a lot in reputation. Team Aster, Tea mAster, thus the name Team Tea, if one is up against Team Aster, Chinese fans would call it "get a taste of the tea" The team is known for being incredibly good fighting against Chinese team and struggles or even got stomped by foreign teams.

LaNm was called Big dick LaNm because during one of his casting in a tournament, he had a boner and, by the shape of it, it is indeed quite big, thus the name.

Burning's fans got the name "nuke fans", as in one game where burning's damage output is even lower than a pos4, his fans defended that Burning's influence is like a nuke for a country, his presence is like nuclear deterrence

When Burning is still active in competitive Dota, he was admired by many and called B-god. Yet he was also not favored by some and called "turtle" for his farming-oriented playstyle and sometimes misses the fight that is necessary for the team to win, which resembles the way a turtle like—-tuck in his head inside whenever danger arises.

Fy got the name the "God of Firework" for his iconic scene after their defeat to OG. In the scene, Fy sat silently on his chair and fireworks celebrating OG's victory exploded all around him, showing a stark contrast between the two sides. Fans were heartbroken at that time. But later as the time goes on, fans started to make fun of it. Memes, emojis, stickers is all over the place. This meme is got so widespread that whenever there's any form of fireworks in any form of media for any types of content that has absolutely no correlation with Dota, you can see people commenting "Firework, FY, Firework"


Fy is called Fy-God or F-God due to his stunning performance as Rubic and Phenix during TI. But Fy makes mistakes, just like everyone else does. And whenever he does that, he would be called Fy-dog. There's a God-dog duality in this guy.

Maybe got the title “超(Chao)哥(Chad)”(the word Chao has a meaning of super or very)"quite sarcastically though. The original line goes like"无(no)冠(champion)超(excels)奇迹(Miracle),单(Single)亚(2nd)虐(beats)苏(Sumail)猴(monkey)”*There used to be Sumail haters calling Sumail "Monkey Su' because he looks skinny and behaved quite cocky in his early professional Dota2 career. Now more and more Dota fans in China starts to appreciate his Dota skills and achivements he made. Haters started calling Maybe "吴冠超", the first three words in the line, to insult Maybe that despite all his years playing professional Dota, he won no aegis. Later, on one of the interviews, he even called himself "Chad Chao" , a self-depreciating attempt that let him to focus on the game instead of toxic comments. Some time later, the original sarcastic meaning disappears and people are so used to call Maybe this way and the title even developed a sense of compliment. Whenever Maybe donminated the game, chat would call him Chad Chao.


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