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Greetings everyone! For most of you this post could be useless at first sight, but i hope you can take some time and feel the main message. As most of you well know – there is a Dota 2 anime coming soon on Netflix (25th of March). Unfortunately, today it became known, that there wont be official russian voice over for series. I hope most of you understand, how big Dota 2 community here in CIS. Yes, there will be russian subtitles, but as for teaser which came yesterday – to put it mildly – they are not for Dota 2 fans for sure.

Why i am writing this – you will ask me. As i said Dota 2 community in CIS is really big. One of professional anime voice actors is also dota 2 caster from RuHUB – Jam. He already made russian voice over of yesterday teaser, you can check it here: Regarding me: i started making custom voice overs for Dota 2 starting in 2012 and since that made voice overs for True Sight, interviews, etc.

So the main reason of this post is to get attention as we are ready to make hiqh quality voice over for Dota: Dragon's Blood. We have professional voice actors, studio, etc and we are not looking for money – we want to gift to anime series from our favourite game our voices and love.

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You can say: whats the difference between us and some professional studio, so i will tell you: 1. We love Dota and know everything about heroes, items, lore: so there wont be any cringe translations of dota "slang" 2. As there will be only 8 episodes and we still have 1 month to go before the release – we can make end our work by 2 days maximum 3. I am sure there a lot of our fans who would consider to watch series with our voice over on Netflix, neither to watch series with other VOs (Unfortutnately pirate websites and torrents collect a lot of viewers). So Netlix will attract more viewers -> subscribers 4. We are close to community and will do our work with love to share it with all of our viewers. Yes, this reddit is not the best place to share such stuff, but i am sure that if i write it to Netflix – it would take a lot of time. So if this post will get attention from Valve here – they can cooperate with Netflix and share it. Thank you and good luck!

Feel free to contact me via email:


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