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Announcing the Delusional Dota 2 Community Gameplay Update

Content of the article: "Announcing the Delusional Dota 2 Community Gameplay Update"

Good Day, dear Dota Community. This is Steven, I'm the new Head Community Manager for Dota 2. We here at our brand new Dota 2 Game Studio are happy to show you what we have been working on in the past months.

Introducing the Dota 2 Game Studios

Before we head to the new content we have in store for our community we are happy to announce that we are opening 3 new offices located in Seattle, Brighton, and Shanghai. Our new office in Seattle will take care of the development of Dota 2, while the offices in Brighton and Shanghai will be responsible for Community Management, Esports Management, and Customer Support. We hired about 250 new employees and are in the progress of hiring more.

The Great Influence Gameplay Update

Over the past months, we have been working hard on the new upcoming Gameplay Update The Great Influence. In this Update, Players will be able to customize Heroes and adjust them to their personal playstyle. We want to give players the opportunity to play any Hero on every role. Depending on the role you queue for, the Hero you select will have different abilities and talents. Here are a few examples:

A Support Templar Assasin will be able to cast Refraction on allied Heroes, but no longer on herself.

A Carry Crystal Maiden will have her Mana Aura replaced with a Damage /Movement Speed Aura and Freezing Field does no longer immobilize.

A Support Luna will have Moon Glaives replaced with Moonshine, a new ability that turns day into nighttime for 3/5/7/9 seconds and increases the Night Vision of all allied Heroes based on Lunar Blessings Level.

Want more? Join the new Official Dota 2 Discord Server where we reveal the Role Abilities of all Heroes day by day until the release of the update!

Campaign Missions are back

We know new players are having a very hard time getting into the game. We decided to bring back Campaign Missions some of you may remember from Source 1 times. We have completely overhauled them to ensure that they are educating enough to help new players getting into the game. But Campaign Missions are not just for new players. We've completely re-written the Lore of the Dota Universe that will be told during these missions. For the start, we will have about 30 hours of Campaign Mission Gameplay with more to come.

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Seasonal Campaign Missions

The Great Influence is here, and with it comes darkness and war. The ancient god Aktok appeared to devour the world and it is up to you to stop him. Take 4 of your most trustful allies and face Aktok with the help of the Valkyries to restore peace and harmony.

New Hero: Freya, the Valkyrie

Freyja, the goddess of Love and War will come to your aid to face a greater conflict to come. She is a Hero with high mobility and buffs her teammates with new mechanics never seen before we will show you closer to the Updates release.

New Hero: Vanessa, the Manipulator

Vanessa is a scientist that focuses on manipulating her environment and her foes. She can create a perfect replicate of every living being and control them to her liking and manipulate the mana of allies and enemies.


As mentioned previously, we have completely re-written the lore of Dota 2. We will release a brand new monthly Comic Series as well as Short Movies starting this Winter to bring you closer to the Dota Universe.

New Seasons

Every Season will last for 6 months (this time for real) and will start with a biannual big gameplay patch. The next season will start this Winter with the Great Influence Update.

Seasonal Rewards

We will now hand out seasonal rewards based on your seasonal ranked peak. Our goal is to make playing feel more rewarding and not only about MMR. The rewards will be exclusive Profile Backgrounds, Profile Borders, Cosmetics, and Chat Wheels.

Dota+ is now Seasonal Battle Pass

We are bringing back Seasonal Battle Passes combined with Dota+ features. All Dota+ features such as Role Matchmaking, Statistics, Guides, and Avoiding Players are now free features. Seasonal Battle Passes will come in 2 versions: Free and Paid. The Paid Version will give you a few more rewards, more quests and 20% of its earnings will be used for Seasonal Amateur Leagues and Tournaments. The Seasonal Battle Pass will reward you with cosmetics based on the current Gameplay Patch and will be updated biannual.

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System: Combating Smurfing, Account Buying and Boosting

We have developed a system over the past month that will help us detecting smurfing, account buying, and boosting to ensure a better Matchmaking Experience for everyone. Unfortunately, we can't go into details here for security reasons.

System: Ruiner detection

Players that ruin games on purpose by regularly going AFK and feeding for example will now face harsher punishments. A player that ruined on purpose, for example, will face consequences such as a 30-minute matchmaking cooldown timer, no MMR gain for the next 3 ranked matches (the player will still lose MMR) and extreme cases will be banned from the game.

System: Winter Cleaning Update

This Winter, we will release a new Cleaning Update to improve the performance of the Dota 2 Client. This Update also includes Ray-Tracing as well as Resolution Upscaling and DLSS 2.0 support.

A new age for Dota 2 Esports

We are going back to the start of our DPC journey and will host 3 Majors + The International per season. Minors will be replaced with our new League System to give new talents and Tier 2-3 Teams the chance to shine.

All players in this League will be paid a fixed salary of $20.000 per Season in order to financially support the future superstars of our beloved game.

We will also encourage big teams to have Amateur Sub-Teams in order to grow the scene.

Bringing back old gems

Over the past years, due to the lack of our human resources, we were not able to update features loved by the community. Therefore we are bringing back new Weather Effects, new Gems, Item Crafting, Effigies, Updated UIs, and Charms.

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New Website

The new Dota 2 Website will be launching very soon. It will come with Guides, a Universe/Lore section, Game, Esports and Community News, Feedback Forums and more.

An apology to the community

We at Valve did not appreciate your passion and support towards Dota 2. We know we should've changed the ways we manage your favorite game way earlier and are deeply sorry for not doing so. Your feedback and ideas are important to us so please make sure to send us your thoughts so we can make Dota as fun as possible for everyone.


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