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Another bounty rune contest strategy thread

In previous threads about the topic of how to contest bounty runes as a team I went through a brief analysis from 2 professional matches, and in the strategy abstract section proposed a concept that you can divide the map into two sections, either you're participating in the Right Hand Side bounty rune contest, or the Left Hand Side. And you can count how many heroes go on each side, there being just 3 basic variations and their 3 symmetric 3 counterparts, that is:

5 LHS – 0 RHS

4 LHS – 1 RHS

3 LHS – 2 RHS

And the same but reversed, as in

0 LHS – 5 RHS

1 LHS – 4 RHS

2 LHS – 3 RHS

You could also consider that some heroes are just not participating, like if you stay in the fountain, maybe it doesn't make sense to count you on either side. The midlaner in this respect is a bit questionable. For an example if you stay in close proximity to your midlane tower on the Dire Side, you're fairly close to the RHS high gound bounty rune, and can participate in snatching it, as well as monitor the route that leads to the high ground, thus indirectly participating in it's defense. Safelaner can go under the safety of their lane tower early on, but they might still leave the safety of the tower, to contest the river bounty later.

The previous threads on the topic were the following ones:

Which matches to review?

I'll edit this thread and add some games to review in this section, but I already copypasted the footer section and wrote the preface section, and I'm posting this early on, because I want to ask the commenters, that is there some specific game video on youtube you think analyzing which might be interesting? I haven't decided which ones to do yet, but I'll probably write like 2-3 video analysis in this thread, by editing them in later during the evening.

EG vs IG Game 1 | Bo5 | Grand Final ONE Esports Singapore Major DPC 2021

The first match to review is the above one with teams EG and IG. I have just started watching the video, IG is Radiant and EG is Dire.

So what actually happens in this match in the bounty contest stage?

Team IG is using a 5-0 split in the early stage before actuallying for the runes, all 5 players are basically on their LHS high ground bounty rune side, with 2 people lingering closer to the midlane tower. Mean while EG playing the Dire Side is going more for a 4-1 type of split in this early stage, with 2 people maintaining close proximity to the midlane tower, and 2 people advancing on the offlane towards the River Bounty, while Beastmaster is alone under the Safelane tower. So Basically the 4 people are looking forward to contest the RHS bounties at this point, but there's still enough time for both teams to change plans. Additionally Radiant's Naga Siren has a sent an illusion towards the RHS bounty high ground presumably to scout out the locations of the opponents (No doubt the enemy team will assume it will be an illusion at this stage of the game if they were to encounter it).

20 seconds pass and it's now approximately 35 seconds until the bounties spawn. So far it looks like it's going to be a 2 bounty runes for each side without any real fighting. Morphling for IG, or the Team Radiant, is retreating on the midlane preparing to start blocking creeps, while EG is not doing that. On the Dire Side, Abaddon from the Offlane has moved to the RHS high ground bounty spawn and encountered the naga illusion, Mirana is also on the offlane and they're basically looking around the river bounty on RHS, probably trusting their leap escape ability and therefore playing with some more exposure, while Beastmaster is still behind the tower, and looks like they will remain there during this contest. If the Radiant had gone for the RHS (and encountered players from Dire), we would probably have seen Beastmaster start moving towards the LHS river bounty, but so far it looks like they won't be doing that.

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At 00:25 until the Bounties spawn, 3 members of the Radiant have stormed from the LHS river bounty to the Dire side, probably looking to gank or scout if anyone is out there, while Naga has maintained their position at the midlane tower. They might anticipate the Beastmaster or there to be someone under the safelane tower and might even try something, but so far I think that's unlikely, they'll probably just retreat to the river bounty, and it still looks like peaceful even split, but it's not certain yet. The 3 members of the Radiant team spend some time scouting the LHS of the Dire, but start retreating towards the bounty as the timer is ticking towards 00:00 and it indeed became an even split.

What I think each team should've done instead?

In fact I don't think there's anything to critique here, both teams probably aware that they went for the bounties on opposite sides of the map. You might say perhaps this 3 member storming around the Dire side didn't really achieve anything, but they probably knew as mentioned that it wouldn't result to anything anyway – unless of course the Dire side would've tried to sneak the river bounty with a single hero, in which case there would've been a chance for a takedown, but seeing the Dire was also aware that they went for the opposite sides, that doesn't seem like something they would've actually tried at this point. So I'd say this strategically sort of correct play from both sides, as far as I can tell anyway.. And unfortunately also very uninteresting, but there you have it.

NAVI vs OG All Games | Bo5 | Grand Final AMD SAPPHIRE OGA DOTA PIT S4 EU-CIS

The next match to review is between team NAVI and team OG apparently, and I have not yet watched this video either, but I already started writing this section… OG has the Radiant side and NAVI has the Dire side.

So what actually happens in this match in the bounty contest stage?

Team Radiant, or Team OG, smokes up very early at their t3 midlane tower, and they're going or a 4-1 split. Gyrocopter heads towards the safelane tower, and the other 4 are looking forward to do something on the LHS. Meanwhile the NAVI is also going for a 4-1 split but they're going to try and contest the LHS bounty runes, and in this formation the midlaner is also relatively close to the potential fighting that will take place soon enough. OG is storming across the river from their high ground, towards the opponents outpost, so instead of playing defensively they're immediately trying to use the smoke to get into a team fight. They encounter the Dire team which is looking forward to storm the Radiant's LHS high ground bounty, the two heroes leading the Radiant's charge, retreat into the Roshan's pit to allow fighting with all 4 heroes at the same time.

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As soon as this encounter takes place, the safelane tower's gyrocopter is probably going to start heading towards the River bounty, so this basically transforms into a 5-0 for the Dire side (the Silencer under the midlane tower is probably going join the team fight, thus all 5 Dire heroes will be in the same fight, while Radiant will have only 4, but their 5th hero is looking to sneak the RHS bounties. Probably, the video isn't quite that far yet.

Silencer indeed joins the team fight and basically Dire is fighting with a slight advantage of 5vs4 and they get the first takedown, and the second takedown, but Dire also loses 1 hero quite quickly. The third takedown also goes for Dire, the last survivor of the 4 person excursion on the LHS retreats towards their HG LHS bounty, which they might still get, but so far it's 3 takedowns for Dire and 1 for Radiant, and it looks like the bounties will be split fairly evenly, depending on whether Gyro gets the 2 runes on the RHS, and whether the retreating Magnus manages to keep their LHS high ground bounty, but basically at least the LHS river bounty is going for Dire, but it's already an advantage – well obviously – for the Dire because of the takedown situation.

However there's still 20 seconds to go until the bounties actually spawn and the fight started so early that those who died might still contribute to the LHS high ground bounty rune, so Radiant is probably keeping that one.

After a while passes the Dire sends Lina out to look after the RHS bounties, so Gyro is probably going to get just one, and Lina might be in time to contest that one, still. 2 Heroes from the Dire side are preparing to block creeps. As Lina shows up, Gyro gives up the RHS river bounty and retreats. Magnus manages to keep the LHS high ground bounty, so Dire gets 3 takedowns, 3 bounties and Radiant gets only 1 takedown and 1 bounty.

What I think each team should've done instead?

There isn't much to critique here, whether the players played the actual fight correctly is another question, but I don't have any idea 😀 But just considering how each team went for the Bounties, I'd say both teams had a plan. Dire's play was excellent though, and Radiant's plan was a bit risky, but I can't say it's wrong by any means.

However, because the Radiant went for a 4-1 split they perhaps stormed the Dire side slightly early, but they were probably trying to gain control of the high ground as soon as possible, on the off chance that the enemy team would have more heroes around the mid tower, so there definitely was a chance it could've worked, but they also basically ended up fighting 5vs4 which is in part just bad luck, Dire's positioning was a good match for Radiant's positioning. An important difference in this case is, that although I'd call both of these splits 4-1 at first, the midlaner was very quick to transition into the LHS fight, while the lone Gyrocopter in the Radiant's 4-1 split couldn't have joined the fight by any means. I just can't say there's any thing really wrong on either side's positional play, Radiant's plan was a bit riskier while Dire's plan was slightly less risky, although they were still trying to contest the opponent's bounties so it was an offensive positioning, but without the storm from the Radiant's side this early, they would've had time to remaneuver their heroes on the RHS (Lina even managed to scare away Gyrocopter before the bounties actually spawned, presumably because Gyro couldn't be fully sure if Lina is actually alone or not, thus it was a bit of a bluff from Lina and it worked).

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Short version, no real errors I can see. What do you think? Do you think it was a good idea to go for this offensive on the LHS, when Radiant tried to take the Dire's LHS high ground very early?

This is particularly interesting because there's no bounty runes there, they were basically looking for a fight and trying to gain control of the area, with the advantage they were trying to get probably being based on the chance of Dire having different positioning. Dire's positioning on the other hand, was an excellent match for Radiant did

I'm looking for people to play with

I'm rated between 0 and 500 MMR fairly consistently. I've tried looking for people, but never found a consistent bunch of people to play with despite posting on Reddit, and facebook and joined pretty much every DOTA2 themed discord I could find, and posted bunch of looking for players messages on them. Unfortunately there was just a handful of people who sent me an invite and I end up playing mostly soloqueue, but if you'd like to add me to friends list then please do, the Steamid is:


Then go ahead and invite me to party!

  • EU West and US East (Occasionally EU East, Russia, esp. when queue captain's mode)
  • +18 only
  • Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon
  • I enjoy all positions 1-5

Note: I receive harassment related to the Russian security services in DOTA! This started in real life long before started playing DOTA. I'm mentioning this to deter future trolling and to warn those who don't want to deal with anything of this sort.

Twitch stream

I have this twitch stream set up, although currently not using a microphone or a camera, but I have enabled the full screen record mode so you should be able to see me write this thread for an example. You can visit the stream from the url posted below. Unfortunately I don't know how to enable a notification for Twitch chat


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