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Artificial increase in MMR(abuse feed)

I recently noticed that there are 6k + MMR accounts that get a rating through abuse, meaning another player is constantly caught against these accounts through a cheat and intentionally feeds 15+ times.

I also attach part of the games with screenshots.

I also found the accounts from which the MMR was uploaded, here is their id: 201200880 , 393050587, 397995028.

I think they should be blocked for abusing the system.

The account to which they poured the most mmr about 1k here is the id: 59245494

Here is the id of the second account I think the same person : 157779309

the screenshots show the nicknames of the accounts to which the mmr is poured ПАПИЧ and 2.

I hope that these accounts will be banned and valve will redesign the system so that attackers cannot use the loopholes in the mmr system

quick abuse 5600-7500 mmr in 6 days all games after 5600+ mmr are won using the opponent's feed.

Let's try to spread this post as much as possible so that it is noticed by valve.


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