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Ask me anything team related (or for your 5 stack)

Content of the article: "Ask me anything team related (or for your 5 stack)"

I don't think a lot of people will care, but i really prefer playing Dota with a 5 stack and i think you'll enjoy too. But there is not a lot of difference between solo and party queueing if you don't go in with a gameplan.

To start things i'll talk about one draft you and your friends can try (on All Pick Mode, its not for CM).

Picks: Magnus 5, Snapfire (or DW) 4, Slardar 3, Tiny (or Ember) 2 and Troll 1.

Bans: OD, Rubick and KotL. Really thats it, OD fucks your all STR line-up, the rest of the bans can be heroes that annoy you in any other way. Like KotL. Fuck Gandalf.

The Troll and Magnus lane is supposed to lose. Magnus doesn't do a lot in lane except tank some harass and the Skewer into tower or Troll's axes play (and secure some ranged LHs with Q but Troll can do that too). You also don't have any strong early lvls powerspikes. But thats OK, he'll recover later with stack and Magnus buff, and as Magnus you should find the time to stack (which isn't hard as your hero doesn't do much untill lvl6). Troll should leave the lane to farm stacks as soon as he gets a Morbid Mask, then either Snapfire (preferable) or Mag can occupy it untill the laning stage is over.

The Slardar and Snapfire lane is really strong and should beat the living shit out of the enemy dual. Snap can secure ranged LHs with Q, both players can harass really well, and once you guys are lvl2 you can Cookie Slardar into people for easy kills. Its important that you win your lane as you really need an early Blink on Slardar, otherwise your team doesn't have a lot of play options at the start of midgame.

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Mid is also important as your whole team will really feel any item delays. Missing Tiny's Blink or Ember's Euls/Vessel/Drums will really slow down your team as your supports are very CD dependant to make plays.

You don't really care about your safelane's T1. If the enemy has a pos1 that prefers to farm your side of the map, you can try to defend it if they go for it early, but its not a high priority. If they have a triangle farmer its even better cuz you really, really care about mid anyway, both defending yours and taking theirs. Try to use your support ults to win a TF over those towers, and then immediatly go for Rosh. Troll with a Morbid, Magnus buff, and Slardar ult means it goes down really fast.

Now its time to take all their outer towers. Troll should join fights as he is the one doing tower dmg and has Aegis, but still remember to farm your way towards things. You'll have two Blinks, a Drums (Magnus should make Drums then Force Staff), Snapfire will be near his Mek (or DW will have Euls) and an Aegis, so you guys are really strong. Its important to not let the pressure go down. Don't retreat from taking a T2 with your whole team if the enemy have one dude splitpushing, you'll take it first. After its down, if its necessary, one hero can fallback while the Kill Squad (the other heroes) keep on playing together. The correct way of walking away from their jungle after taking their T2 and capturing their outpost, is to have Troll TP to your safelane's T2 (that will be pushed in) while the other four smoke and walk towards him. Its very likely you'll find some kills or a TF on the way. Then you can proceed to taking their offlane towers.

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To go Highground you'll need a Force Staff (on Magnus – you should only go Blink as your 3rd item, unless its reaaaally necessary to go for it earlier), Troll's BKB and Snapfire's Greaves. Make them use fortify, fall back a bit, go back in and use BKB or the Force Staff to pull back again after doing some tower dmg. Then wait for CDs on the enemy's side of the map. Don't fully retreat or TP to a lane thats pushed id (the enemy will see that TP and know its safe to go out in force). Sieges are slow. If they stuck in base not farming and you are farming their jungle, you're winning. At around this time Roshan should also be coming back so you can go take it if you want – that should be GG.

Things that can go wrong: Your offlane or midlane gets stomped. If you don't have that two Blinks to make plays, you'll have a hard time doing anything and probably won't be strong enough to win the TF for mid's T1. Without that tower its really risky to take Rosh, and without Rosh you can't snowball the game. If that happens, let them take map space. All you need is to protect your triangle and let Troll farm his BKB. Any plays should be made by the other 4, but don't force anything untill someone gets their Blink – if an easy gank opportunitty presents itself, take it, otherwise just farm safely, accept the fact that you'll lose some map space, and have the supports cover your cores. Once Troll has BKB, smoke up and go take a TF, then progress as in a winning game. If that fails then yeah, game is hard.

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