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Aspyrant v2 (Ranged/Intelligence)

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Aspyrant is a tricky hero that makes the most out of positioning using a variety of powerful spells.


An ambitious young wizard-duelist who seeks to make a name for herself as a Magus by defeating Rubick and Invoker. In search of the ultimate power needed to defeat such mages, she has pilfered thousands of magic books, her favorite of which is the forbidden Iridescent Codex. She uses unorthodox spells learned from the most obscure pages of the Codex that bends the very nature of magic, but this untamed power comes at a cost.


Q Mystfire
Ability Vector Target
Affects Enemy Units
Damage Type Magical
Cast Range 1500
Line Length 700/750/800/850
Line Width 200/220/240/260

Though she has unleashed power beyond her full understanding, Elyza has found creative ways to wield it.

Fire a dormant magic missile to a target point that damages enemies it passes through and awakens upon reaching the target point.

Once awakened, it shoots down the drawn line at double speed, damaging and stunning around the first enemy hit.

Level Cooldown Mana Projectile Speed Dormant Damage Awakened Damage Stun
1 14 140 550 60 100 1.3
2 14 140 600 80 180 1.7
3 14 140 650 100 240 2.1
4 14 140 700 120 360 2.5

W Arcane Overflow
Ability No Target
Affects Enemy Units
Damage Type Magical
Radius 750

The magic of other wizards seem to unleash the true destructive potential of this spell.

A bolt of rogue arcane energy seeks out the farthest enemy from you.

Gain a charge whenever an enemy casts a spell near you, each charge adds damage to Arcane Overflow and causes it to seek out an additional target.

Level Cooldown Mana Projectile Speed Base Damage Damage per Charge Max Charges
1 10 80 900 80 40 5
2 9 85 950 120 50 6
3 8 90 1000 160 60 7
4 7 95 1050 200 70 8
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E Spellbind
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Units
Range 400/500/600/700
Radius 350

Each page of the Iridescent Codex is engraved with forbidden spells that draw their reader into an arcane realm.

Elyza spellbinds an area to slow enemies based on how close they are to the center.

Enemies are leashed to the center if they stand in the Spellbind for 2.5 seconds.

Level Min Slow Max Slow Area Duration Leash Duration
1 21 80 10% 40% 7 3
2 19 90 15% 50% 8 3
3 17 100 20% 60% 9 3
4 15 110 25% 70% 10 3

R Zenith Flare
Ability Point Target
Affects Enemy Units
Damage Type Magical/Pure
Cast Range 1000
Black Width 250
White Width 400

Elyza has discovered that the magic within the Iridescent Codex has a powerful duality, and when properly channeled can lay any foe to waste.

Fire a lazer that alternates quickly between two different modes in 0.5 second intervals over the course of 3 seconds. While the lazer is firing it follows your cursor. You are disarmed but can move and cast abilities during this time, and all damage you deal reduces enemy spell damage for 6 seconds.

With each interval, it alternates between a narrow aoe of white energy that slows and a wider aoe of black energy that deals pure damage.

Level Cooldown Mana Damage Per Tick Slow / Magic Damage Reduction
1 100 250 100 40%
2 100 400 150 55%
3 100 550 200 70%


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