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Attempting to make BH works on the highest competitive levels (TI Main scenes)

reposted to here after doing it on r/DotA2

look, position 4 BH doesn't work on competitive levels, not really.

he skipped the last 2 TIs (2018 and 2019) and the buffs he got on the newest 7.28 patch means that he's not that good on 2020 either. Plus he's not too viable on competitive scenes on 2017 EITHER! thats 4 years! years!! He needs some reworks to be viable on those levels.

This is because he's been nerfed on a fundamental basis.

back then, its completely possible that there are pos 5s with mere 1k networth on 15 minutes into the game when he's fighting BH. since all of their money went for 100 gold (now 75), 850 radius (now 1000) sentries, that lasted for 240 seconds (now 480). Plus there were no neutral items that can give HP and armor to the squishiest supports. BH's lunch if he's doing well.


I. Changes Shadow Walk to Shadow Assassination

Bounty Hunter becomes invisible and gains the ability to move through other units until he attacks or uses an ability. When he breaks the invisibility, he releases a smoke that slow his enemies’ movement speed while strengthening BH. Bounty Hunter’s Jinada cooldown is reduced if he attacks inside the smoke.

Cast Animation: 0+0

Fade Time: 1/0.75/0.5/0.25

Invisibility Duration: 17/24/31/38 s

Move Speed Slow: 11/19/27/35%

Jinada cooldown reduction: 15/30/45/60%

Smoke Duration: 3.5/4/4.5/5 s

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Smoke Radius: 225/300/375/450

cooldown: 38/31/24/17

mana cost: 100/130/160/190


  1. Pretty big mana cost, can't stay invisible now. Our boy is no longer a scout, he now goes invis for the kill! Or to escape, the slowing smoke would help a bit on that front.
  2. Slow is gone 0.5 second after enemies escaped the smoke. Typical aura treatment.
  3. while it is forming, smoke position = BH's position for 0.2 seconds, even if he blinks.

II. Grants BH sub-skill: Shadow Break

Bounty Hunter cancels his invisibility.

Cast Animation: 0+0

cooldown: 1

mana cost: 0


  1. Used to trigger the smoke when you can’t attack or use items. Or just escape dust’s slow.


I. Track

  1. Track no longer gives BH gold if he’s outside of track range. (he receive normal self track gold otherwise)
  2. Track Aura Reduced from 1200 to 1000.
  3. Track Aura Ally Bonus gold reduced from 40/80/120 to 30/40/50
  4. Reduces track cast range from 1000 to 700/775/850.
  5. Reduces track duration from 30 seconds to 18/21/24 seconds.
  6. Track no longer gives BH 16%/20%/24% bonus movement speed when he's near tracked units. He instead receive 10/14/18% Status resistance. The hunter feels invigorated when he's near his prey, he won't sleep until his prey is down.
  7. Aghanim Shard no longer makes track to give 600 AoE vision and movement speed around the target (moved to jinada rework)

Notes: Track is too OP, anyway. the big thing are that now, BH needs to be alive to get his paycheck, which would leads to less gold income if you're playing him too aggressively. well, with the track cast range reduction and team gold reduction, it overall means less gold for BH anyway. The status resistance change is more of a tweak, it's intended so BH have slightly more survivability without moving and running away; so that pos 3 BH will actually tank a bit.

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II. Shuriken Toss

  1. Shuriken Toss no longer mini stuns. It instead slow ms by 70% for 0.7 second.


  1. the slow kinda helps BH a bit to make enemies stay within the smoke, but it's still a nerf… since now, enemies can just tp away. You still want heavy stunner allies for BH to deliver jinada beat downs.
  2. Worse on teamfights too, since you probably need the ministun as an option to cancel a cm ult or something similar…


I. Jinada

  1. Increase Jinada cooldown to 13/10/7/4
  2. Increase Jinada gold steal to 14/26/38/50
  3. Removes aghanim shard's buff on track. now causes Jinada attacks to silence enemies for 1.4 second. (this applies to jinada on shuriken too)


this basically makes Jinada a bit worse on lane, but arguably better on teamfights –if your aghs Scepter and shard are both online.

II. Talents

level 20 Jinada +50 gold steal changed to 15% Cooldown Reduction

Level 25 +40% Evasion changed to +35% Shadow Assassination Slow

Overall Meaning:

with my changes, i'm intending to change him into an offlaner more than a carry. I'm doing that by giving him a pretty huge mana problem which he doesn't exactly have before, and also NOT granting him any abilities to help him farming, which is carry go to method to catch up from losing lanes. Well, he can definitely be a carry, but it'll be pretty niche, picked only when a good player knows he can win the lane.

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what do you guys think about it?


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