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Bangalore, Lost Soldier

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Bangalore, Lost Soldier
Bangalore is a character in Apex Legends that I just wanted to put here. Her lore and abilities are somewhat altered. This was just for fun haha.
Bangalore was ignorant to the greater cosmic forces surrounding the world. She was stuck in her own war, fighting for a now-irrelevant faction against another. When the ancients crashed to the earth, their little war ended in a matter of minutes. Soldiers turned into slaves of the ancients to fight into their war- they were named creeps. For Bangalore, it was nothing special, they behaved exactly like they did before, but the only difference is using primitive weapons since their guns and tanks and bombs all disintegrated. Bangalore was lucky to have found a cave to hide in. For weeks, she had been stuck there, surviving on little water and food as possible, until a certain Keen named Kardel Sharpeye, and rescued her. She was brought to speed on what happened, and had agreed to fight in their war with her trusty rifle. After all, war was all she knew.
Strength 22 + 1.5
Agility 27 + 2.5
Intelligence 24 + 2.1
Starting Health 640
Starting Mana 338
Starting Armor 4
Starting Damage 48 – 51
Sight Range 1800 / 800
Move Speed 310
Turn Rate 0.6
Attack Range 550
Missile Speed 2500
Base Attack Time 1.6

Q Rolling Thunder
Ability Target Area
Affects Enemy Units
Damage Magical
Range 100
Length 800
Width 300
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"Arty on my mark, firing for effect."

Bangalore calls an artillery strike in a straight line in front of her. Warheads slowly creep across 800 units, with the last warhead landing at 0.5 seconds from cast, after which the warheads will detonate in the same order, with the last warhead exploding 0.5 seconds after the first explosion, dealing damage. Enemies caught in the area when the warheads drop will be slowed for a short duration. Warheads are split evenly 200 units apart, and have a 200 AoE explosion range.

Level Damage per Warhead Slow Duration
1 21 90 75 0.8
2 18 110 100 1.0
3 15 130 125 1.2
4 12 150 150 1.4
  • Author's note

    • When in between 2 warheads, an enemy is damaged twice.
    • When standing directly on a warhead, except for the first and last ones, an enemy is damaged thrice.

    – It takes 1 second for the last warhead to explode from cast.

W Precision Choke
Ability Active
Affects Self
Damage Physical

"Spent gunpowder… smells like victory."

Bangalore activates a weapon mod that gives her 100% crit rate and bonus attack range for 6 shots. Everytime an enemy unit is hit under this effect, a debuff counter is placed on it. Every stack in this debuff increases the critical damage, up to 6 stacks. Has True Strike.

Level Critical Damage Crit Damage Increase per Hit Buff Duration Debuff Duration Bonus Attack Range
1 25 80 120% 5% 8 6 200
2 22 85 140% 6% 8 6 200
3 19 90 160% 7% 8 6 200
4 16 95 180% 8% 8 6 200
  • Author's note

    • Only the first hit on an enemy does not have the increased crit damage bonus, which means that the second shot is the one that first benefits from the increased crit damage.

    – Increased crit damage does not carry over when switching to another target, therefore, hitting one enemy with all shots will yield the maximum damage.

E Double Time
Ability Passive
Affects Self
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"Spotted- double timing it!"

Bangalore's instincts as a soldier plays into battle, giving her increased focus. Passively provides accuracy, move speed, and attack speed to Bangalore. Whenever she receives hero damage, these effects are doubled for a short duration. When double time gets activated, it undergoes cooldown, removing the passives.

Level Accuracy Attack Speed Bonus Move Speed Bonus Doubled Effect Duration
1 12 15% 15 10% 5
2 11 20% 25 13% 5
3 10 25% 35 16% 5
4 9 30% 45 19% 5

R Popping the Chimney!
Ability Target Area
Affects Enemy Heroes
Range 600
Radius 800

"Smoke out!"

Bangalore uses her smoke launcher to cover an area of 800 AoE in smoke. Enemy heroes outside cannot see inside the smoke, but allied heroes and Bangalore can. Enemies also have their vision outside the smoke removed, but have full vision inside it. The smoke causes enemies to deal reduced damage.

Level Damage Reduction Smoke Duration
1 90 100 25% 7
2 80 125 35% 8
3 70 150 45% 9
  • Author's note

    • When wards or buildings are destroyed, or outposts are taken, they will still be seen, but do not have vision around them.
  • Reduced damage output applies to all types: Basic Attacks, Ability Damage, and Item Abilities and Passives.

-Abilities coming from outside the smoke will have reduced damage if they deal damage in the smoke.

-Abilities which provide vision do not reveal anything in the smoke.

-Tracking abilities, such as Corrosive Haze and Track, will not reveal enemies inside, but still apply their debuff.

Talent Tree

+100% Precision Choke Base Crit Damage 25 +6 Seconds Popping the Chimney!
+3 Precision Choke Attacks 20 +25% Artillery Strike Length and Damage
+25 Damage 15 +20% Evasion
+ 15 Attack Speed 10 +150 Mana
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PS. – Thanks to CanniTheAmazon for the suggestions!


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