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Bespin, The Rattled Bone [Spook-tober contest]

Name: Bespin, The Rattled Bone


"Well, being resurrected almost a bunch of times ain't easy and I tell you its not even worth it. Its either a troll that summons you because he's two friends are dead or that big green guy, or was it a giant skeleton too and was he orange? Ahhh nevermind. To be honest its quit easy, all bones means no skin, so even if it's fire or ice or lightning it doesn't bother you, but it does get tiring.

So one day I just had enough, not that it hurts or anything its just boring, get resurrected, get killed repeat, over and over and over and over and did I say over? and over again so when people say they want to live forever I just want to laugh at them but I'm a skeleton so I can't, I can only rattle my jaw bones and hope it does it. So I went away and wandered off, met some good folks fortunately, although they said before they would turn me into powder. I kneeled at them thinking it would work I mean how in Lucifer am I gonna say please don't? Fortunately one of the guy's some sort of Witch Doctor and understood me, how? I don't know either.

So there he goes making some spells then I suddenly felt the breeze, and for some reason I can speak again and breath and laugh. I hugged the guy I don't mind the smell he made me human again, in a way of course. So after that we travelled the world and he also taught me instruments and some nifty spells too, and I can call my friends to play and protect that violet guy when need be. Life's fine and through anything else I think there's no place I'd rather be"

Bespin, The Rattled Bone is an agility melee hero with utility appeal. From Slowing Trumpets to summoning his boney friends he will join the fray.
A Skeleton with an Iron sword, a small magic cap and leather boots

Role:Support, Roamer, Nuker, Disabler
Agility:26 + 2.8
Intelligence :18 + 2
Strength:18 + 1.6
Movement Speed:315
Armor :-1
Damage at Level 1:49-54
Attack Range:150
Attack Time:1.4

Innate: Rattle Bones, Passive

The clanking of bones are usually an omen for the hilarity to come

Bespin's attacks and spells gives him a stacking buff up to 4 times. This buff augments the effects of some of his abilities. Once an ability is used, all current stacks he has are removed.

Stack Duration9


  • Upon dealing damage or using of an ability against a hero the stacks are refreshed
  • The attack or spell must affect the target for you too get a stack. Meaning misses and being blocked by Linken's Sphere will not grant you a stack
  • Lingers for 0.5 seconds

Q: Thrown Bone, Unit Target

CD:15/14/13/12 Mana: 130

Bones might not be the best projectiles but they do hurt if thrown correctly

Throws a bone on an enemy that bounces on enemies dealing damage.

Damage TypePhysical
Cast Range500
Projectile Speed1000
Number of Bounces3/4/5/6
Search Radius425


  • Linken's block the bone initially but will still bounce it to the nearest enemy should there be
  • Cannot target enemies with BKB but can still bounce to them

W: Doot, Unit Target

CD: 20/18/16/14 Mana: 120/140/160/180

The likelihood of Musical disturbance in the battlefield is low but never zero

Plays a trumpet on an enemy slowing their attack speed and knocking them back. The attack speed reduced is amplified based on the number of Rattle Bones stacks. If Bespin has a full 4 the attack speed reduction is turned into a disarm for 2.5 seconds.

Cast Range500/550/600/650
Base Attack Speed Reduction50/60/70/80
Attack Speed Reduction Bonus per Stack15
Reduction Duration1.5/2/2.5/3.5
Knockback Range400


  • Dispellable by Strong dispels only, except the disarm

E: Travel My Bones

CD: 25/22/20/18 Mana: 80

And away he goes

Increases his movement speed for a duration. The duration is buffed by Rattle Bones stacks. If Bespin has 4 he also causes enemies he passes through to be feared for 1.5 seconds.

Bonus Movement Speed15%/18%/22%/26%
Base Duration6
Duration Bonus Per Stack0.5/0.8/1/1.3
Fear Radius200


  • The Debuff Lingers for 0.5 second
  • The Buff lingers for 1 second

R: Spooky, No Target

CD: 100/90/80 Mana: 150/200/250

Well, its not everyday you see a skeleton do that

Scatters his bones causing enemies in an AOE to flee and be feared. The AOE is buffed by the number of Bespin's Rattle Bone stacks. Leveled up together with Scary.

Fear Duration2/2.5/3
Base Area of Effect400
Bonus AOE Per Stack50/75/100

D: Scary, No Target

CD: 80 Mana: 100/150/200

A merry band of skeletal men ensures your demise

Summons Mort and Tis to fight. Mort uses a sword while Tis a bow, Mortis has the Last Spook ability while Tis Clanking Bones ability both are activated upon killing them. The stats of these abilities are buffed based on Rattle Bone stacks upon summon. Leveled up together with Spooky

Last Spook: Upon Killing Mort, the enemy is silenced whilst reducing movement speed by 25%

Clanking Bones: Upon death Tis latches on to his killer and pings where the enemy is if it's moving.

Mort's Stats:

Damage TypePhysical
Mort Damage50/65/80
Mort Attack Speed100/125/150
Movement Speed350 /375/400
Last Spook Base Silence Duration3
Duration Bonus Per Stack0.5

Tis' Stats:

Damage TypePhysical
Mort Damage45/65/75
Mort Attack Speed100/125/150
Movement Speed350
Attack Range500/550/600
Clanking Bones Base Duration5
Duration Bonus Per Stack0.5


  • When summoning, both units appear perpendicular to Bespin's 100 radius away.
  • Clanking Bones pings every 2 seconds and will always ping upon moving
  • Moving includes walking, being affected by force movement and teleporting.

Aghanim's Scepter:


Enemies feared also gain 30% Damage Resistance Reduction and 15% Status Resistance Reduction. The fear is not extended by the debuff.


Causes both last Spook to Mute and Clanking Bones to provide 400 AOE and True Sight. Both also seek the nearest enemy hero if they are killed by creeps.

Aghanim's Shard:

Thrown Bone: Adds 1 more charge and stuns the initial target for 1.2 seconds


25:+ 500 Travel My Bones Bonus AuraScary Units + 125 Damage
20:Scary Units +700 HP+150 Damage Thrown Bone
15:+10% Travel My Bones Movement Speed Bonus+3 Mana Regen
10:+8 Strength+6 armor

Author's Notes:

Sooo here is another concept and an entry for the October Spooky contest. I just went for the Skeleton boy. I actually have him be a dancing skeleton first however having what is essentially Will-o-Wisp as a hero is a bit limiting so I expanded to encompass as many Skeleton Memes in this hero as I can so long as they make sense for the concept. The Ults are a bit tricky, the loss of Necro Book sorta removed a gameplay element and that is a bound army however I think reviving the concept of 2 summons for 1 hero makes it balance as its only for that one hero.

The lore is not the most deep I just envisioned him as one of the skeletons you kept on fight because of either Wraith King summoning him or the Troll doing so. So having someone who goes AWOL is kinda fitting and makes the more hilarious part of him make sense.


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