Dota 2

Blood Knight Abbadon

No values will be given and is left to the assumption of the reader.

Skills strictly use only health. All debuffs are dispellable. Skills although pure, are completely blocked by magic immunity.

Skill 1: Ride of the Bloodflame

Spend a portion of current health to do an uncancellable charge to the target enemy, knocking back enemies along the way and the target, dealing pure damage equal to current total damage taken at the time and also stuns. Each enemy hit causes Abbadon to take current health damage, empowering the charge and also increasing the charge speed. After the end of the charge, Abbadon gets increased movement and attack speed multiplied by the number of enemies hit.

Leaves behind a trail of bloodflame for a duration that heals friendly and deals pure damage to enemies, using a fraction of total damage taken accumulated at the end of the charge as values.

Skill 2: Blood Covenant

Abbadon stabs himself, spending a portion of max health to wreathe his sword in the flame by the color of blood. Activate again to slam the sword into the ground, sending a wave of violent energy that deals pure damage equal to life spent, greatly slowing enemies briefly. Lethal to self.

Applies a non-stacking debuff to enemies hit; whenever Abbadon takes damage, all of them also take a percentage of the damage.

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Skill 3: Curse of Avernus -Blood Sign

Abbadon's attacks applies a stacking debuff that has no effect. If it stacks four times, Abbadon successfully trains the enemy to uncontrollably attack him with increased movement and attack speed for a duration. The cursed enemy's damage is however non-lethal, and after the curse ends, Abbadon is healed for a percentage of the damage dealt by the cursed enemy for its duration.

Skill 4: Borrowed Time

Damage taken although heals, is still treated as damage taken by other skills. No longer automatically activates.

Aghanim's Scepter – Upgrades: Borrowed Time

During Borrowed Time, for every instance an enemy deals damage to you, apply a single stack of Curse of Avernus -Blood Sign.

Aghanim's Shard – Grants Sub Ability: Blood Shield

Spend a portion of max health to apply to an ally a strong dispel and a shield equal to life spent. The shield upon reaching 0 will explode, dealing pure damage for half the shield values, greatly slowing enemies briefly, and swaps the ally's current position with Abbadon. Abbadon gets a surge of movement speed upon swapping for a few seconds. Lethal to self.

Can be only cast on alllies and not Abbadon himself. Can be activated prematurely to explode the shield and swap positions.

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For talents, the path to the left should help the hero to play support/offlane, while the path to the right helps it play carry. Values will be given.

Lvl 10: +1.2% max hp regen or +100% damage vs creeps

Lvl 15: Blood Covenant now heals allies or +40 Attack Speed

Lvl 20: 20% cooldown reduction or Attacks now deal 4% of Abbadon's current HP as pure damage, doesn't pierce magic immunity.

Lvl 25: Doubled life spent on all skills or Attacks now deal 4% of Abbadon's max HP as pure damage, doesn't pierce magic immunity.

Updated February 2, 2020 (version 2) – Changed scepter and shard, added talent with values, clarified trail of bloodflame to deal pure damage


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