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Bounty: Ability Giver, We Need Wards, Sword & Sorcery – The Visage of Vengeance

Content of the article: "Bounty: Ability Giver, We Need Wards, Sword & Sorcery – The Visage of Vengeance"

The Visage of Vengeance returns.

Maker of Masks will be avenged.

The False Lords will be hunted.

Restore the just exile.

Stat Number
Int(Primary) 11+1.2
Agi 10+1.1
Str 10+1.1
Base Dmg 84-93
Base Mana 120
Armor -3
Magic Resistance 25%
Turn Rate 0.29
BAT 1.3
Attack Range 310(m)
Vision Range 1800/1800


###Q: Ancestral Masks

The Visage of Vengeance (henceforth referred to as VoV) grants a mask to a nearby ally. Masked allies gain access to a separate instance of its W(Ancestral Kata) on twice the cooldown and whenever they deny a creep, 30% of that creep's gold bounty is granted to VoV. Masks are dispelled on death.

Charges: 1/2/3/4

Charge Replenish Rate: 60s

Mana Cost: 150

Cast Range: 239

###W: Ancestral Kata

VoV leaps forward 250 units, dealing damage in a 380 unit long, 30 degree cone. This skill is guaranteed to trigger any random attack modifiers. Allies who copy Ancestral Kata use VoV's attack modifiers, not their own.

Cooldown: 11s

Mana Cost: 90

Damage: 90/150/210/270

Cast Point: 0|0

Leap Speed: 0.3s

###E: Vengeance Ward

VoV places a ward at a target location. This ward fires at any enemy hero nearby that attacks, dealing base damage + a percentage of their agility as magical damage. VoV or any masked hero can pick up Vengeance Wards in order to place them later. If sufficient damage is suffered by heroes within the radius of a Vengeance Ward, it will transform into a Retribution Ward when picked up, partially refunding Vengeance Ward's cooldown. Only 1 Vengeance Ward can exist at any given time, no limit on Retribution Wards.

Cooldown: 156s

Transformation CD Refund: 1/20/39/58

Mana Cost: 200

Mana Cost to Redeploy: 50

Damage: 20 + 4/8.5/13/17.5% of the attacker's Agi

Radius: 1400(200 less than a Pugna Nether Ward)

**Transformation Threshold: 2400 damage

Hits to Destroy: 1

###E2: Retribution Ward

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VoV or any masked ally hero within 800 units can target the Retribution Ward to form a tether between them and the ward. (max 1 tether per ward) Enemies in contact with the tether are slowed. This skill can be reactivated to pull the ward to the tethered hero, damaging any enemy heroes in its path, placing the Retribution Ward into that hero's inventory, and granting that hero True Strike and bonus magical damage for its next 1/2/3/4 attacks based on the damage pulling the ward dealt to enemy heroes.

Tether Formation Cooldown: 15s(per hero)

Ward Deployment Mana Cost: 150

Damage: 100/130/160/190(pure)

Atk Dmg Bonus: 0.3/1.1/1.9/2.7x

Slow: 80% (0.3s linger time)

Hits to Destroy: 1

Ult: Kobudo

"Be as a tiny grape, enter and be finished in an instant, leaving only a lingering memory." VoV blinks to a target enemy, inflicting a debuff that causes them to suffer bonus pure damage based on their Attack Speed from every attack they suffer, before inflicting an instant attack against them.

Cooldown: 180

Damage: 0.2/0.4/0.6x their attack speed.(doesn't factor in Attack Speed reduction from debuffs, does factor in Attack Speed buffs.)

Range: 1000

Duration: 3s


Left lvl Right
-2s Ancestral Kata CD 25 +400 Kobudo cast range
+50 Retribution Ward pull damage 20 +400 Retribution Ward Tether Range
Ancestral Kata also uses the masked hero's modifiers 15 -20s Ancestral Mask replenish rate
Retribution and Vengeance wards can be placed globally within 150 units of a masked hero. 10 10% of gold earned, except gold from creep last hits, is granted to masked heroes
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Aghs: Sundered Sparrows' Slash

Activate to block the next projectile or attack that would hit you, before attacking the hero responsible and returning to your starting position. VoV is invulnerable during this. If this skill fails to block something, this skill goes on twice the cooldown.

Cooldown: 100s

Block Window: 0.3s (1/4th of Anti-mage's counterspell)

Invulnerability duration: 0.6s


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