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Bounty: Roshan – The Item Thief

Content of the article: "Bounty: Roshan – The Item Thief"


  • 6 Button Hero (well,7)

  • Consumes Gold

  • Death Trigger

  • Switches Teams

  • Roshan (Well, mid-curse Roshan)


Q: Roshan's Greed

While active, whenever an enemy uses an item active or consumable nearby while he has an open sub-spell, Roshan gains a single-use copy of the active. Roshan can activate the bound sub-spell to activate the stolen item, at the cost of a percentage of its shop value in gold. Should Roshan die, the amount of gold spent on stolen items since his last death is awarded to his killer.

  • Max Copied Items: 3

  • Copy Radius: 350/500/650/800

  • Consumable Gold Cost: 50%

  • Non-consumable Gold Cost: 5%

  • Charge Based Item Gold Cost: 80% of the item's shop value divided by the number of max charges.

"As befits a thief, Roshan doesn't let little things like ancient curses or war hinder an opportunity for a 5 finger discount."

W: Petrifying Bash

Roshan smacks every hero unit in an area, Silencing & Rooting them but rendering them damage immune for the duration.

  • Cooldown: 18/16/14/12s

  • Mana Cost: 95

  • Duration: 1.65s

  • Effect Radius: 350

  • Cast Point: 0.45|0.25

"Some of the greatest thieves have mastered the art of stealth, absconding valuables like a breeze on a moonlight night, leaving nary a trace of their heist. Roshan smacks people."

E: Fence Fate

Roshan swaps fates with an allied hero. The next time an item would affect either Roshan or the ally, it affects the other instead, consuming this buff in the process.

  • Cooldown: 25/19/13/7s

  • Mana Cost: 45

  • Duration: 0.6s

Cast Range: 700

Ult: Honor Among Thieves

Roshan switches teams for 3 seconds. If cast again, then he switches again for 3s, reverts back to the previous team for the remaining duration, then goes back to his original team.

  • Cooldown: 80/65/50

  • Mana Cost: 200

  • Cast Point: 0.0|0.0


Left lvl Right
+1 stolen item use 25 Honor Among Thieves grants haste for the duration
+300 petrifying bash cast range(does not affect AoE) 20 -2s Fence Fate CD
Fence Fate can trigger on targeted spells 15 Petrifying Bash becomes a bash, 6s CD,similar to the previous Chaos Strike
+1 Charge on Honor Among Thieves 10 +250 Roshan's Greed Steal Radius
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Stat Number
Agi(Primary) 21+2.3
Int 19+2.2
Str 17+1.9
Base Dmg 25-35
Magic Resistance -13%
Turn Rate 0.6
BAT 1.6
Attack Range 150(M)
Vision Range 1600/1600

Aghs: The Aegis!

Revives Roshan upon death, with a 6s effect delay. Considered an item effect that contributes 500g to Roshan's Greed.

  • Cooldown: 300s

Playstyle Tips:

Honor Among Thieves has many synergies. It ensures the enemy team is unable to interfere with Petrifying Bash, allows you to transfer the gold from Roshan's Greed to your allies, and enables Fence Fate to pull off some nasty setup combos with allied itemization.

Fence Fate has some fairly cute combos one can do with stolen items. For example, it can be used to BkB your allies, redirect an Atos to an already spell immune ally who doesn't care, or simply act as a healer with a bunch of stolen regen.


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