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Bounty The Conjoined

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A powerful abomination created by a senseless necromancer, The Conjoined was the result of grafting hundreds of different beasts and heroes into one being. Considered by its own master as mindless, the Conjoined was commanded to devour a neighbouring kingdom. But as it was being released, The Conjoined devoured its own master for no one controls the Conjoined but the will of the mass. Escaping the lair, The Conjoined headed towards the kingdom it was commanded to, not for destruction but to reject its destiny as a monster.


STR (Primary): 28+4.7

AGI: 16+1

INT: 19+0.8

Movement Speed: 275

Armour: 2

Base Health Regen: 3.75


Flesh Net

Using its own skin, The Conjoined tosses a net at the target point, rooting down all enemy units and dealing damage in an area around it.

Ability: Target Area

Pierce Spell Immunity: No

Cast Range: 700/800/900/1000

Damage per Second: 20/30/40/50

Radius: 180

Duration: 3s

Cooldown: 22/18/14/10

Current Health as Cost: 7%/7.5%/8%/8.5%


Expelling the blood from its body, The Conjoined is able to dispel itself and push it in the direction it is facing. If it collides with an enemy during the push, the enemy is damaged and stunned.

Ability: No Target

Pierce Spell Immunity: No

Push Distance: 300/400/500/600

Damage: 100/120/140/160

Push Duration: 0.7

Stun duration: 2s

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12

Current Health as Cost: 9%

Draining Blood

The Conjoined spills some of its own blood on the ground, draining the health of all units of the area into itself.

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Ability: Target Area

Pierce Spell Immunity: No

Cast Range: 200

Radius: 200

Health Drain per Second: 10/20/30/40

Duration: 5s

Cooldown: 32/28/24/20

Current Health as Cost: 11%/13%/15%/17%


When The Conjoined dies, it splits into two units. The two units are identical to The Conjoined but take more damage and their spells cost more to cast. The units are clones of the original hero and are unable to use items. They can cast spells and the cooldowns are independent of each other. Any XP the clone gains are transferred to the main hero.

Ability: Passive

Clone Damage Taken: 300%/250%/200%

Spell Health Extra Cost: x2.5/x2.25/x2

Duration: 40s/50s/60s

Bounty: 200/250/300

Cooldown: 90s/75s/60s


10 +15 Movement speed +8% Spell Lifesteal
15 +400 Mana Expunge can dispel disables
20 Healing Blood Provides 10% Status Resistance Regrowth Spell Health Extra Cost -0.5%
25 Flesh Net Pierce Spell Immunity +50 Health Regeneration

Aghanim’s Scepter:

If The Conjoined’s health reaches 0, it doesn’t die but activates Regrowth. If neither of the units dies during the duration, The Conjoined’s revived with 50% of its max health. The Conjoined always respawns at the unit with the highest health. Remove Regrowth Cooldown.


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