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Cackles, The Clown Bounty: Master Disabler

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Cackles, The Clown
Carnivals are a place of funny and whimsical performances and Cackles is a part of those who performs in these places. Cackles is just a normal man to his peers, even thought the circumstances of his appearance is a bit..magical to say the least. Not even their show master know how he came to be here but his ability to spawn numerous paraphernalia and be contorted in ways that would kill a man has for this carnival's operations has been good for business and with smiles and laugh coming from the audience Cackles does live up to his name. Still his origin is a mystery masked by the smiles and laughs of his audience.

Cackles, The Clown is a melee agility hero whose ability to permanently stun enemies is potent but needs careful timing to be executed. From Banana Peels to Jack in the Boxes, Cackles have the ability to disrupt any fights be it one on one or a teamfight. Be careful however as his low strength gain makes him a glass and he himself is susceptible to disables as a well placed gank can obliterate him.

Role: Support, Lane Support, Disabler
Agility : 25 + 2.2
Intelligence : 19 + 2.6
Strength: 20 + 1.5
Movement Speed: 315
Armor :
Damage at Level 1: 52-56
Attack Range: 150
Attack Time: 1.5

Q: Banana Split, Point Target

Charge Restore Time: 13 Mana: 100

The most primal of laughs: The Fall

Throws a banana peel into the ground enemies who walk over it flips over and goes down face first stunning them. Has 3 charges .

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Stun Duration 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4
Area Effect 150
Cast Range 500

W: Jack in the Box, Unit Target

CD: 25/22/17/15 Mana: 120

Jack fell down from a certain well, only to surprise people on the other side

Throws a jack in the box to an enemy after 4 second it pops surprising them, stunning them

Stun Duration 1.5/1.7/1.9/2.1
Cast Range 450

E: Cannon Ball, Area Target

Its weird considering this cannon is used to topple Stonehall's walls in another time and place

CD: 14 Mana: 130

Goes in his cannon to fire him in an area, once he lands he stuns all enemies within said area

Delay 0.6
Stun Duration 1.6/1.6/1.7/2
Area of Effect 450
Cast Range 500

R: Party Poppers, Point Target

Its mesmerizing to see creatures flying, their amazement only masks the fact these are real living creatures.

CD: 100/90/70 Mana: 190/210/230

Blows a balloon animal for his enemies to bask over to, enemies within its travel path are mesmerized and follows the balloon, after it travels its max travel distance it pops knocking enemies back.

Delay 1.1/1/0.5
Max Travel Distance 1000
Effect Radius 300/350/400
Mesmerized Walk Speed 150
Balloon Speed 175

Aghanim's Upgrade:

Laughter Therapy, Passive

Causes all of his abilities to heal allies in a radius where he casts his enemies, they are further healed when an enemy gets affected by the abilities.

Heal 100/130/160/190
Radius 300


Level Left Right
25: Balloon Flotilla +2 Charges Jack in the Box
20: +200 Cast Range Triple Banana Peel
15: Banana Peel Pierces Spell Immunity +100 Cannon Ball Area
10: +30 Damage + 2 Charges Banana Peel
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Author's Notes: Just an entry on the master disabler bounty one, I really can't think of anyone unique other than a clown, decision is partly inspired by League's Shako (Dota doesn't really have a designated Clown Character) but twisted it and give him a rather mysterious origin the same as Joker.


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