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Can people remember dota is just a game? We are all humans. We all make mistakes.

Content of the article: "Can people remember dota is just a game? We are all humans. We all make mistakes."

Today, well about 15 minutes ago, I had the worst game of my life.

I played hard support jakiro and supported my carry against slardar rubick. Yes, I made mistakes in the lane. I was the first blood as the result of fast lv 2 on slardar and rubick when we were level 1. I said sorry as I died and quickly came back to the lane to pull. As I finish the pull I see the rubick ganking my midlaner and I instantly tp. Their midlaner survived with 60 hp and me and my midlaner died. I try to excuse myself again, and viper says that's how you lose a lane.

My midlaner tps back to die solo to the enemy midlaner again and tells me that this is my fault and I should enjoy my -30 mmr. I tell him that I was having a really bad day, well a really a bad month in fact (I have gotten diagnosed with severe anxiety and have been taken out of university for half a year to get better). The midlaner replies that I "shouldn't play dota", and that he's going jungle. He actually tried to lane once more and solo died again. As I enter my carrys lane again, we both end up dieing and he tells me that I lost his lane and that he needs help. In a sarcastic way of course.

They start all chatting that I suck, how bad I am and the other team joins them and I end up abandoning the game not being able to take more of it. I feel bad for my offlane duo as they said nothing, but I simply couldn't take the flaming as it made my anxiety go worse. I want to add that playing dota solo and party queue is the only thing that makes me have fun in these times. I understand you want your +30 mmr and that I screwed up, but why can't people simply keep the flaming to themselves.

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The simple answer to this problem is to mute them, but I just can't fathom people being so cold they give absolutely zero fucks about people telling them to stop because they're not feeling right. It makes me remember the clip where gorgc flames ancient apparition. I have always despiced that clip of all my heart.

My day was already really bad and this made me feel even worse. When you play dota it's fine to give criticism, people have to handle that. But remember that there are REAL HUMAN BEINGS in every game you play. You know nothing what they are going through, and flaming doesn't even make your +30 mmr more likely! You are actively ruining the game by tilting and hurting your teammates.

As I wrote this it might seem like this is something I usually do when things go wrong, but no – I have 10k conduct summary for a year, and never abandon games. They just caught me on one of my worst days.

I don't expect this to get a lot of attention, but if even 5 people can keep this in the back of their mind next time they want to flame someone I'm happy.

Edit: Can people stop giving me the mute button advice? I am aware it exists and I use it every day. That is not the point of the post. You can't just unhear what has been said to you. I would appreciate if the people reading this post just realises that you can do a difference in dota by not being an asshole, and supporting people being targeted by assholes. People go through rough times, and sometimes that one comment can be enough to make everything so much worse.

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