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Can we not have generic Esports hosts on the panel, please?

I'm talking about those panelists that lack basic understanding of Dota. I really feel such a host holds back the rest of the panel, which might have insights that never really get talked about.

I mean, you have fucking Aui_2000 sitting on your table, but if you can't ask him good questions, what's the point. I've seen often times Aui has to jump in himself to give something useful to the audience.

They just ask the panel most useless questions that only a non-dota person could think of. Like in yesterday's TS vs IG, the first thing she asked was to compare Yotoro's morphling with flyfly's morphling looking at KDA and GPM. Only a non-dota person could think of such a question, because any dota person would know talking about this is useless – with different team playstyles, hero matchups and what not.

To a non-dota person, the biggest things that stand out in a game to talk about are obviously the fights, and the end results. But they often overlook the macro dota that is silently being played for 40 mins.

Isn't that the point of analysts? To uncover details that the average audience might have missed?

Instead what we get is the host asking a confusing question, the analysts having to explain the host how basic dota works, and the host replying "I have no idea what you just said".

This is the biggest Dota event in 2 years. I'd really love to see people experienced in Dota nerd out and talk about Dota. Not just talk about KDA and big flashy fights that everyone sees, but also talk about the silent dota that is played – 5 man coordinated movements by the teams, those individual plays forcing enemies into bad plays, those sick itemization choices, just the overall strategical approach of each team in a game.

Dota is sooo much more intricate and detailed than just 10 second flashy 5v5 action where people press spells and one side come out victorious. It's more about how things lead up to those 10 seconds.

At the very least, I wish the hosts atleast dicsussed questions in advance so the panelists could talk about the things they want to talk about.

And maybe some of them need to tone down a bit. It's very cringe to see even someone like Purge getting visibly annoyed by one of the panelists on day 1.

/end rant

Edit: 10/13/2021 8:33 PM

I want to add that I did not mean this as a hate post, and most of my annoyance is not directed at anyone in particular.

All panelists and hosts are well respected in the industry, and are literally invited to host the event. Let's be clear about that. They're doing their best in what they're good at.

Nothing much can be changed for this year. But I do want to voice that I think we should have people with some dota knowledge being in control of conversations relating to Dota. Or have a completely different format where they don't have to talk about Dota, or at the very least not be tasked to come up with specific dota related questions.

I do want to address some of the specific points in comments below:

> Literally no one cares, what's the point of this post?

Honestly, if this was ESL One, or BTS Pro, I wouldn't give two shits what the hosts are doing in between games.

But this is The International – not only this is community funded, but this is literally the only event where the best of the teams and talent come at one place. If this is not the most defining two weeks about Dota culture, then idk what is.

It is with that care and passion for this event, I want to voice my opinion, and feel some comfort in knowing there are others who share the same.

> Non-dota hosts for new players

First, I don't think this is the reason, and even if it is, this is not the most efficient way. Yes, a non-dota person would come with the perspective of a newbie and ask newbie questions, but how will they know what are the right questions to ask?

A dota-educated person would be able to extract and digest what's important and relevant for the newbie audience. This is what makes BSJ a good coach and many watch his videos, for example.

Literally the best 60 seconds for a clueless audience in today's format is when BSJ digests what to expect before fights in easy words without jargon.

There are good elements of showmanship and presentation that the non-Dota talent (for lack of a better word) comes with, which has it's own advantage. I just think when you mix Dota with this, it is sometimes confusing for the dota enthusiast. This is even seen by some of the panelists, it shows and it just creates a very awkward and confusing experience.

Dota is a complex game. It takes 1000+ hours just to understand and get a feel of the game. And it is not the same as League of Legends.


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