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[Carry Guide] How I gained 300 MMR in 1 day by Playing Faceless Void Carry like Nikobaby

Hi guys, xuisoko here.

You think you can play faceless void carry? You can't. Not yet.

Read on and Watch the video, and you'll find out why Sange is the most crucial item on carry Void. Also almost never skill level 2 chrono. Read to learn why.

So today, I decided to start spamming Nikobaby's current best pub hero but before that I watched 5 replays and analyzed his gameplay. I ended up winning 9 void games and lost only 1 which I almost won.

Void is really strong this patch mainly due to 4 things.

  1. His W (Time Dilation) is insanely strong even at level 1.
  2. Void fairs well against meta picks like Luna, Lina, Terrorblade, or pretty much anything, really.
  3. You can catch your allies and leave them to die if they are annoying.
  4. People will always draft around you in your team, if you state that you are picking void. Everyone likes a wombocombo

Nikobaby's wins mostly rely on perfect Time dilation usage, which you can see explained in the:

YouTube Video here

In the video I also shared one of my faceless void laning stages in the upper Divine bracket, explaining exactly how to fight and win the lane after level 3.

But the rest can be explained in the text guide, so continue reading below.


Skill build and laning

  1. Always start with Qblade, Magic stick and tangoes + salve or just tangoes + branches if you feel like you won't need a salve.
  2. You need to fetch yourself an orb of venom ASAP, as well as a complete wand.
  3. When you hit lvl 3, you need to have all 3 spells leveled up.
  4. As soon as you see an enemy support cast a spell (preferably if both the offlaner and support cast a spell at the same time) go in and cast your w. Combined with Orb of venom the slow is insane. Bash once and they die.
  5. Make sure to bait such situations. Make enemies cast spells on you. I willingly walked into two heroes for them to cast spells on me only to turn around and kill them in their confused looks while being slowed to death.

The skill build we are looking for is at level one you can take whatever the heck you prefer. The safest option is Q.

2nd level as well, take whatever you want. Just make sure you have a point in Q. I've seen niko pick anything at these 2 levels. But at level 3 you need to have all 3 spells skilled obligatorily!

Don't skill chrono level 2. It takes extra mana for 0.5 sec disable. It sucks. Skill talents and time dilation instead.

Do you want proof? In 7 out of his 7 recent games, Nikobaby didn't skill level 2 chrono up to level 14-15 or even 16. Why? Cuz Chrono level 2 is shit. (It costs more mana for 0.5 sec of disable) You only wanna skill it .

Here are some match ids for the ones that don't trust my word.

6090140461, 6094091917, 6097220135,

Item Build

The item build later on is as follows:
Starting items > orb of venom > wand > treads > maelstorm > sange > sange and yasha > BKB/Skadi/Satanic

The reasoning: Don't purchase wraith bands for the love of god. They slow you down and void is pretty slow already. Maelstrom is a great farming and fighting item. Purchase Sange first in 90 % of your games.

Not only nikobaby, but all 9k+ MMR players purchased sange first on void before completing sange and yasha in their recent games.

The reason for that is, well if you get burst, you cant use Q or chrono and status resistance + hp is a good combo to keep you safe.

You actually farm faster with sange than yasha even if you evade 1 death, because you won't lose living time, as well as unreliable gold. You might even end up with a kill. All of this piles up.

The only exception is when you are feeling very safe and the enemy has 0 kill potential on you, then go for yasha.

Against Drow/Silencer/Death prophet or other annoying silences, finish your SNY, disassemble it into Manta and halbert (if needed). But still you need the sange first.

After that get whatever the game requires. Ideally you won't need bkb, but if you do, purchase it.

Remember, we don't do Damage items here. Tank the man up! After SNY get satanic vs Axe/Legion commander or any hero that disables you through bkb.


Hit supports like crazy in fights, don't let them cast shit. Wait for people to spam spells, than catch as many enemies as possible with your Chronosphere TIME DILATION! it's stronger than chrono! I' m not even joking.

Farm as a normal carry would. Look around the map for counter initiations. Don'be afraid to use your chrono but rarely start the fight with it, unless you can wombocombo 3-4 people.

Last word

This one is a bit tough to write down as you really need to watch either the replays or the Video to get a good understanding of how to play the fights and the landing.

Hope this was of help to you guys, if you wish to support me, subscribe to the youtube channel and follow me on reddit for more guides.


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