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Carry players: how do you deal with ppl flaming you for farming?

Content of the article: "Carry players: how do you deal with ppl flaming you for farming?"

I'm pretty sure every carry player is familiar with this scenario: you farm for not being outfarmed by enemy carry, your teammates go into fight and everytime anyone dies, you get hit by a shower of pings and insults.

I'm pretty low rank, and i really have to improve my last hitting. To that you add ghost supports not harrassing, stacking or pulling. Most of the time i get in situations where both supports actively clear jungle and push lanes. You got me: it's not easy to farm since i'm not that good and i don't get any help.

So the only way i manage to overcome this is with TIME. I usually get my battlefury something between 15-18 minutes(with AM, i'm guardian 5), but thit is when the farm actually starts.

So let's go back to my questions:

how do you deal with people flaming you for farming?I'm not talking 50 minutes of farm with a score of 0/0/0. For clarification i bring u this exeplame: today, i was AM, battlefury at 17 min, spirit breaker dies, ping my battlefury and flaming for not having joined his fight near enemy tower.

This brings be to my 2nd question and most important one:

How do i recognize when is a good time to fight even if i'm not close at having the items i need for figthing? (i usually consider necessary as am: BF, MANTA, BKB, unless pa is in there) I recognize the importance of not being i ghost player myself being in jungle the whole time.

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When is the right time to stop farming(that time when if you are still farming you're a ghost useless player)? What is the time in wich i should just focus on farm and don't care of fighting?

I understand that there can't be strict time stamps for this, but maybe a general rule?

Thank you everyone for your attention.

TL;DR: i'm a carry player looking for advices on how to manage my time during games(farming/fighting) and deal with ppl flaming me for farming even at very early times.


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