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Carry players, y’all need to get your shit together.

Content of the article: "Carry players, y’all need to get your shit together."

Okay, so here’s the thing, I get it. I get that ‘everyone wants to play carry’. I get that most people want to go into a game, kill shit, be a badass, and win MMR. I get it, because I’m one of them. I’m a goddamn position 2 player. I play the position that, in order to succeed at, you have to walk into every game with a mindset of “I am a better player than every other player in this game, and I am going to prove it.” Like, as a 2 player, you just kind of HAVE to approach the game that way. If you doubt yourself, if you doubt your ability to outplay your opponent (even if that means knowing how to play from behind in a lane you’re being beat in), you’ll lose the 1v1 mid, and likely the game for your team. I UNDERSTAND the mentality of wanting to play carry.

But Jesus fucking Christ guys, you have to put in the work to be good at it. These positions aren’t easy, this game isn’t easy, and the amount of carry players I see in my games who have almost no concept of how to play with a team is staggering.

Over and over and over again I get into games with Position 1 players, or greedy “I really want to play pos 1 but I got pos 3 so I’m going to pick a Drow into offlane.” Position 3 players, who have not put the time into learning their positions, have not put the time into learning how to lane, have not put the time into learning matchups, farming patterns, or developing a decent sense of game tempo and pace, who feed their lane and then have the audacity to blame their support players.

Occasionally I will see a lane where it is legitimately the position 5’s fault that the lane was lost, but 9 times out of 10 it’s because the Juggernaut player with a 300$ set didn’t put in the effort to learn how to control creep aggro, so his lane ended up pushed up under the offlane T1, and then when the pos 5 WD goes to stack and pull to reset equilibrium, he mans up, at level 4, 1v2, under the enemy tower, dies, and then starts flaming the support player for his shitty decisions.

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Like, yes, I get that their offlane is a CM and Furion. I understand that you have lots of early kill potential, but you need to play in a way that takes advantage of that, instead of just running at them alone, dying, and then flaming your poor pos 5 who’s trying to save the lane from a Jugg who spins on every wave and then wonders why he has no mana for Omni and why his lane is always shoved under the enemy tower.

Secondary to this, YOU NEED TO CONTROL THE GREED. I know the power fantasy is to be a six slotted nightmare who’s basically death incarnate, but if your team is playing high tempo, and have the game in a state that you can win at 25 minutes, YOU DO NOT THEN GO FARM JUNGLE TILL 50 MINS AND GIVE THEIR MEDUSA AND SPECTRE TIME TO RECOVER.

Take objectives, play with your team, communicate, and for the LOVE OF GOD start PLAYING TO WIN. Don’t play to get kills, I know it feels good, but losing feels worse. Play to win. Take the early rosh when I call for it. Build the fast item instead of the slow farming item when I suggest it. Take the 12 seconds it takes to look at the draft and identify what tempo you should be playing at, and try to do so.

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In conclusion, carry players, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. And stop harassing your position 5.

Sincerely, an Ember spammer who just went 30/4/17 or some similar variation in about five games, and lost every single one of them because my position 1 players were more interested in hitting jungle creeps for a second Daedalus and verbally abusing the poor position 5 player than they were in just sucking up their ego, getting a BKB, and helping me take aegis for them so we can safely siege high ground and end before 30 minutes.

Like, they had a spectre and a dusa. Me and the position 5 player you’ve been yelling at all game had all three t2’s down by 24 minutes. The game was over, and then you gave them the space to recover instead of ending and we lost. What did you expect to do with that second Daedalus, Faceless Void? Kill yourself faster on Spec’s Blademail because you decided lifesteal was beneath you? That chronosphere sure is scary in fights. Too bad you got instantly silenced and then chain stunned in every team fight because BKB or defensive items are against your personal religious doctrine of rabidly stroking your own metaphorical cock made exclusively of (poorly chosen) damage items.


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