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Certain Support Heroes I suck at

Content of the article: "Certain Support Heroes I suck at"

Hey guys, just through playing some cavern crawl I revisited some heroes I usually dont play and realized how bad I'm with those. First of all I tend to play a lot of position 5 and sometime 4. I usually have a decent win rate with my go to heroes (above 50% mostly). My rank at the moment is archon 4, used to be Divine 0 but that was inflated through party mmr I think. But Im also not playing ranked at all at the moment.

For anybody interested my dotabuffs here:

The heroes I wanted to ask you about are the support heroes I have somehow abysmal winrates with. Maybe this leads to a interesting discussion for support players?

Bane: 26 Games, 30.7% Winrate. Somehow its so hard for me win games with Bane. I usually tend to get decent laning and some pick offs but I guess a big flaw of mine is positioning.

Rubick 35 games, 28.5% Winrate. So I know this hero is very lineup dependent but its just VERY hard for me to play this guy. I would say my game knowledge is alright after 2500+ hours but its just a weird hero for me. Again I feel my positioning is just way too bad. But also laning feels awkward with him for me.

Oracle 36 games, 33.33% Winrate. That kinda bugs me the most. I used to think I was decent with Oracle but when I looked at my winrate I was a little shocked. I think I know how the spells and most interactions work but it feels difficult to win.

Special Mention: Grimstroke 82 games, 43.9 % Winrate. So I love this hero and its so much fun, but I just lose so much games with him. Usually I have a decent lane and try to lane and draft with combos, but that often doesnt work that well. Maybe its also my itemization I try to get some bigger items like halberd and Hex a lot of the times, becaues they work so well with his ult.

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So maybe someone has some good tips and also builds or ideas how to approach the supporting game with these type of heroes 🙂 Because I feel these are pretty good staple heores for any support player and it bugs me to be SO bad with them. ALso maybe theres a common theme playwise between those heroes Im not seeing


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