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Change my mind about some heros

Hey there , hope you all have a lovely day .

Im a 2k player , this means players in my games have zero cordination

Ive been playing dota about 1 year now (since void spirit patch) and there are still some heros that are in the (useless folder) of my brain .

this heros abilities feels underwhelming and when i see them in my team im like (ekh)

Ive seen so many high mmr players stomp with this heros hell ive seen even pro players stomp in majors with them but i still dont understand what makes this heros a good pick rather than other heros who can do the same thing or might as well even better .

If you read so far , listen to my logic and tell me what makes this heros good :

Dark seer : all his abilities feels meh , his only saving grace is vacum

Terrorade reflection and grimstroke aghs , hell even distruption illusions feels stronger than his ulti , his e feels a little better now every hero cant break haste limit but still pretty meh and if im picking him because of his w why not play dp or leshrac or even timbersaw witch feel like an actual hero late

Silencer : come on you all had that one game when your mid or support or offlane (pretty much any roll) picked silencer and you went (aaaAAAAAAAAHHHH) i only ever consider silencer a hero when im playing againts a hero like enigma or sf so i can cancel their ulti after bkbs he feels so useless

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Vengeful spirit : has a save that kills you and goes through bkb , deal alot of damage to a single target damage , tusk does all of them better and veng laning just feels so bad

Like when see a lion in enemy team , you will be like ah its gonna be annoying but when you see a veng you are like so what ? Her only use is to pair her up with a drow witch is barely out of my folder

She just feels like a free solar , thats it , an aoe solar

Furion : ok listen , i know rn you are like (pffff 2k noob dosent know how to play furion) but furion does nothing , legit nothing , playing furion feels like you are playing dark souls 3 and you go with deprived class , basic weapon and no stats nothing that you are rly good or bad at , jack of all trades

Like ok you push fast but so also so many other heros , oh i have global presence but also so many other heros , i win lane guys BUT ALSO SO MANY OTHER HEROS

Hope i can get some insights out of this


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