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Chenopedia or how to play Chen on 150 pages long presentation with stats, GIFs, detailed information. Part I: Meet Your Creeps (70)

Hi! A month ago I stated that I left Dota. However, I felt sad that I accumulated "some" knowledge throughtout my journey and wanted to share it with someone who could use it to their advantage. It wasn't the idea of saying one or two things about the hero and help getting rid of a few mistakes a player does but to share something that would be my magnum opus, to share EVERYTHING. Shortly after I contacted a few pro players and offered them my services. My rank and that I encountered many of them in public games every once in a while helped me with that endevaour. Half of them were excited about the whole idea in the first place but turned out there are other issues teams needed to solve first. Totally understandable. I didn't want to wait another month so I decided to create a full guide with EVERY-FUCKING-THING about Chen and share it not only with pro-players exclusively but with literally the world.

You don't know what creeps should be assign to hotkeys? What's the difference between 2 types of trolls? Wait, are there different trolls? What to do on the lane? You feel useless? You start to agree with PPD? Enemies blocking your small camp? Do you even need that small purge creep? Why? When? What are Chen counterpicks and how to turn the table to make Chen THEIR counterpick instead? I will try to answer all the questions I can imagine and provide detailed information. Graphs, pictures, GIFs, walls of text just so you could inhale that experience and feel the power of this hero.

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It took me a month to write the first part about the creeps and I will add more and more stuff there but decided to share it now as it is so you could provide feedback and I'd know what to change or add.

The whole guide will be 150-200 presentation pages long as right now it's 112 and 70 of them are about creeps.

The presentation is on Google docs so you don't need to download anything:

If you want to contribute to this guide & support me you can do it here. This is not a must but it would definitely help me cover some expenses during these pandemia times:

Sorry if I'm being arrogant. I'm waiting for your positive and especially negative feedback so I could change the direction I move. Thanks in advance!


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