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Chinese Memes and Comic after Singapore Major Grand Final Ep2

Thanks all guys. I posted "Chinese Memes after Singapore Major Grand Final" yesterday and there are lots of positive feedback and interesting comments. I like them. So I decide to post EP2.

  1. The Comic about the Major Final (Via Weibo@GL一点也不努力)>

0.1 Round 1

0.2 Round2

0.3 Round3

0.4 Round4

0.5 Round5

From Weibo @ GL一点也不努力

  1. "414"

U can see lots of "414" bullet-screen comments in steaming. Chinese dota fan like to use "414" or "41X"

Respect! Call me 414!!! via Weibo@ Inflame

I think the best one is kaka's nickname 414. "4" means world as it shares similar pronunciation to “世”(world in chinse), "1" means number one and the second "4" means pos 4. So 414 means the world's no.1 pos 4. Kaka's friend inflame (you may know him as a member of LFY at TI7) gave him the nickname to mock him, as kaka is so good individually (first 9k mmr in cn) but always shit his pants at big tournaments. Since then, 41X is frequently used in cn dota. For example, inflame got backfired when his mmr ranking dropped to about no.400 in cn and so was called 41400. (From u/Hopeful-Sugar-8727 comment in my last post)

  1. iceiceice
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There's a spicy and hilarious meme about ice x 3 blackhole on egg, they called that "虾(shrimp)扯(pull)蛋(egg)", "虾扯蛋" have the exactly the same pronunciation as "瞎扯淡(bullshit)". Ice x3 played pro dota in china for a long time, he chocked many times, and there's a idiom in chinese called "软脚虾(soft legs shrimp)", means someone always chockes hard in important things, and chinese fans gives him a very spicy nickname, "虾哥(shrimp bro)". So the meme "虾扯蛋" emerged, "shrimp bro pulled eggs", and this meme pronounced exactly the same as "瞎扯淡"(Bullshit). (From u/wibur_111 comment in my last post)

*Personally I like iceiceice and "Soft Legs Shrimp" or "Shrimp Bro" is just a nick name–no offense*

  1. "ICU"

ICU= Intensive Care Unit

If IG_flyfly lose the competition, he would be go back to China and play with OB teams and it feels like playing in "ICU"

In dota2, some players like IG_flyfly and Ehome_Sylar. They played dota2 with OB team for fun (or I can say for "special training") before the Major Competition. The OB team's members include Ex-famous dota2 players : IG_yyf, IG_zhou, Longdd, NB_Hao, NB_Mu, 820, zsmj, Zippo, LGD_DD and NB_Sansheng. They were awesome player before but they are sometimes "Noob" (because they are older now) compared with young dota2 players. So, for example, when Zippo or LGD_DD try to support the Carry IG_flyfly or Ehome_Sylar, Flyfly and Sylar felt that it is really difficult to carry them to win and it feels like they are in "ICU". And also there are lots of "noob" moments and "Stupid mistakes" during the games. As a audience, I like to watch them when they plays together in DouYu Streaming APP.

I think "ICU Training" is one of the reason that IG_flyfly plays so well during the Major. Practice in the Hell Level or "ICU" level before the real Major.

  1. "TOP 4 Highlight Moments" in the Major Final IG vs EG.
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  1. Dove vs Yono

guess who is Dove and who is Yono : )

Dove: Rtz girlfriend

Yono:JT girlfriend

The Champion Lady

*I respect these two Dota2 Caster and I hope that no one talk about rude stuff on them*

——————————————————-Easter Egg——————————————————————————-

From Weibo @ GL一点也不努力

——————————————————-About myself—————————————————————————

  1. If u guys like my post dont forget to upvote.
  2. I like all ur comments and they are really interesting. I am glad some people can help me to explain the Chinese memes under the comments
  3. As u can see, my English skill is not that good. If there are some spelling mistake or grammar mistakes. Pls forgive me. I also hope I can improve my English skill through Reddit.
  4. I like to reply all the comments but I work 60hrs per week and I am in Australia now. so I maybe dont have enough time to reply the comments immediately. But I really read them and I like Reddit.
  5. I hope we can create a better Dota2 community without racism and haters. Love and Peace.


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