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Closure Letter 15 years in the making.

Content of the article: "Closure Letter 15 years in the making."

I loved Dota passionately. Between Dota 1 and 2 – I would say I had 20k hours easily. Putting that into perspective – that is the equivalent of a 10 year full-time job on top of full time jobs and commitments. I started on 6.27 for all those who still remember Naix soloing fountain.

All good things must come to an end.

I quit Dota in 2019 with that outlanders patch a year, thinking I'll come back to it when the mess becomes stabilized as I have done many times previously after a month or so. Nope, it turns out the night before that patch was my last game ever and I have never touched it since. I guess I am getting old and just don't have the energy anymore "re-learning" everything as the patches rolled out. This is my only love letter farewell, I owe it to myself, the game and the thousands I have played with, the good friends I have made, coached and lost over these 15 years.

Dota got me through a lot in life and likewise, it took a lot. I was literally addicted, I knew it and I didn't care. I was a functioning addict – just one more game, plus one last one.

Countless times would I be playing this game up to 3am knowing I had important exams the at 9, including entrance exams all the way to my final college exams. Shit, there were days I didn't sleep before the exam. There were some very dark times in family matters and I could just zone out and forget it all. Dota was my escape from reality – I think this was still in the era where you could get your teammates stuck, or shift manta firefly bug so you could attack your own towers and fountain. Good stuff.

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Any spare time I had, you bet, Dota it was. Some can call it no life, but to me, this was the dream life. I would play the game literally in the closet as I was only sharing a room with my gf at the time and didn't want to disturb her in the middle of the night.

As I grew older, life things happen. I landed a highly respectable job and a happy ever marriage (unicorns do exist) . Every efficiency I gained in life, I knew and I was happy to put back into Dota. I wasnt ashamed of it, I would gladly tell whenever colleagues asked what my plans were for the weekend. No matter how packed and insane my schedule was, there was time for Dota. Sunday night past 6pm – I didn't care if it was your last night in the country forever, phone off, I am at home playing Dota. Priorities.

I implemented so many things I had learnt in Dota to life. The patience I knew it took with morons in your team and keeping cool to win is one of the greatest assets I will forever keep with me. Not a single work day goes by without being reminded of this truth.

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Being proactive is another great example, to gain MMR was to do what others won't do. How beautifully relevant was this to the pursuit of happiness in life, and I have not had any other game which would teach me these life lessons.

More recently I just became a father after 10 years of marriage, yes to the same beautiful girl who can not only tolerate me ignoring her to play Dota but also bring me snacks during the game (which you all know, wont ever have the mood for during a game). One of the key reasons it took so long to have a son was because I knew Dota was a priority and did not want to divide the time even more.

This closure letter marks the the end of my 15 years of love to the greatest game ever made hands down. Thank you to everyone, including the good, the bad and the absolute toxic dogshits, the pleasure was better than cumming.

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Dota, I love you and will always do. Maybe who knows, when my son grows up and learns the art of shit talking, we'll meet again. Until then, goodbye.


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