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Clunk and Klang, the Chain Gang

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Roles: Carry – Initiator – Durable – Escape

The Chain Gang is always ready to riot. They have a variety of devastating abilities that reposition themselves and enemies, letting them break out of even the toughest spots and break through the ranks of their rivals. The more enemies they face, the faster their enemies die.

Appearance (Credits to Drew Wolf for character art)
Clunk (Main Hero)
Klang (Secondary Hero)

The prison of Devarque is infamous for its twisted inmates. There is no exception in the case of these two rival gangsters whose bodies and very souls have been sadistically chained to one another by stolen links of the impossible chain Gleipnir. Legend has it only Ragnarok, the final war, will break these chains. Amidst the chaos caused by a nightmarish and cannibalistic massacre, the two gangsters escaped. Rather than be weighed down by their hate for one another and the awkward punishment they both endure, instead they use each other as weapons. If the chains can only be broken by the final war, then they will seek it out and conquer the world to win their freedom from one another.

Strength: 28 + 3.8
Agility: 17 + 2.2
Intelligence: 17 + 2.2

Base Attack Damage: 20-22 (48-50 w/ attributes)
Movement Speed: 280
Armor: 4
Attack Range: 150
Projectile Speed: INSTANT
Vision Range: 1800/800
Attack Animation: 1.8
Turn Rate: 0.6


Q: Ol' Ball n' Chain (Mana: 130/120/110/100; Cooldown: 13/12/11/10)

Clunk throws Klang to a target area. Enemies hit by him take damage and are knocked back a set distance. Klang remains at the target area, granting vision over it for up to 10 seconds.

If Clunk moves too far away, he pulls Klang towards him. Reactivate to pull Clunk towards Klang. When either Clunk or Klang are pulled, they deal damage and knockback enemies on their way.

Ability: Target Area
Affects: Enemy Units/Self
Damage Type: Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity: No

Cast Range: 500/550/600/650
Damage (Cast): 90/160/230/300
Radius (Cast): 300
Knockback Distance (Cast): 420
Knockback Duration (Cast): 0.6
Projectile Speed: 1000
Max Distance: 800
Damage (Pull): 45/60/75/90
Knockback Distance (Pull): 90/120/150/180
Knockback Duration (Pull): 0.2
Cast Animation: 0.2 + 0.6

Ever since their prison break, the two members of the Chain Gang constantly battle one another for freedom from their bindings, demolishing everything in their path.


  • Klang is always untargetable and invulnerable.
  • Pulls at a speed of 1000, or 0.2 seconds, whichever is faster.
  • If Clunk teleports, blinks, or is otherwise forcibly moved beyond the max range, Klang is pulled towards him anyways.

W: Rough 'em Up (Mana: 90/80/70/60; Cooldown: 9/8/7/6)

Klang rushes and clings to the target enemy, attacking with increased attack speed. Each attack steals armor from the target. While Klang is attacking, Clunk is leashed to the target enemy. Can be recasted to end the ability prematurely and pull Klang and his victim back to Clunk.

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Ability: Target Unit
Affects: Enemy Units/Self
Damage Type: Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity: No
Dispellable: Yes

Cast Range: 550
Leash Radius: 800
Rush Speed: 550/600/650/700
Attack Damage: 30/40/50/60% of Clunk's attack damage
Bonus Attack Speed: 15/30/45/60
Armor Steal: 1
Armor Steal Duration: 2
Cast Animation: 0.2 + 0.6

Devarque was a prison that held every kind of criminal one could think of, but rage and ruthlessness was the common factor in every inmate.


  • Stolen armor can be dispelled with any dispel, but armor loss and gain are independent from each other. Dispelling one won’t dispel the other.
  • Armor Steal Duration refreshes with each attack.
  • Attack command can’t be dispelled.
  • Klang is always untargetable and invulnerable. If Q or R is used, ability is cancelled early.
  • If either Clunk or the target are forcibly moved beyond the max range, the ability ends.
  • If Klang reaches the leash radius and hasn’t latched to the target, the ability ends.
  • If the ability ends in non-recast ways (duration ends, leash breaks or Klang doesn’t reach target), he remains in his last position.
    • If Ol’ Ball n’ Chain hasn’t been learned, Klang won’t grant vision, and can only be pulled back to Clunk, without dealing damage nor knockback.

E: No Surrender! (Passive)

Gain bonus to attack damage for every nearby enemy unit. Enemy Heroes count as two units. Additionally gain increased Strength per nearby enemy Hero.

Ability: Aura
Affects: Self
Break: Yes

Radius: 500
Damage per Unit: 5/6/7/8
Strength per Hero 5/6/7/8

Never back a starved beast into a corner, it will find the strength to tear its way through whatever it takes to survive.


  • Each hero effectively gives 15/18/21/24 attack damage. At 5 heroes gives 75/90/105/120 attack damage.
  • Klang also has this aura while Old Ball n' Chain, Rough 'em Up, or Brutal Swing are active.

R: Brutal Swing (Mana: 180/150/120; Cooldown: 90/85/80)

Klang starts swinging Clunk around wildly. Each revolution, Clunk damages enemies in the swing radius and accelerates, gaining Terminal Velocity after 3 seconds.

When you hit enemies, apply an attack with bonus damage that knocks enemies back. If it hits at Terminal Velocity, the attack becomes a massive critical strike that applies maximum knockback and stuns.

Ability: No Target
Affects: Enemy Units/Self
Damage Type: Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

Bonus Damage: 75/125/150
Terminal Velocity Crit Damage: 275/350/425%
Terminal Velocity Stun: 1.25/1.75/2.25
Collision Radius: 180
Swing Min Radius: 250
Swing Max Radius: 800
Min Knockback: 100
Max Knockback: 250/375/500
Knockback Duration: 0.6
Min Revolution Speed (In Seconds per Revolution) 1.6
Max Revolution Speed (In Seconds per Revolution) 0.8
Duration: 4/6/8
Cast Animation: 0.3 + 0

While the impossible chain Gleipnir defies the laws of physics, those imprisoned by it must still abide. Not that the Chain Gang have any respect for the law…


  • You can be targeted while being swung, getting stunned or silenced cancels ability. Can reactivate or use any other ability to cancel at any time and reappear at your current position while being swung.
  • While being swung, you can use sub abilities Close Up and Get Off to change whether you swing closer or farther out.
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D: Close Up (Cooldown: 0)

Pull Clunk closer to Klang during Brutal Swing.

Ability: No Target/Toogle
Affects: Self

Time to Reach Min Radius 1
  • This ability can only be used while Brtual Swing is active.
  • This ability is replaced with Get Off when it is toogled on.
  • Basically like Io's Spirit's sub abilities.

D: Get Off (Cooldown: 0)

Send Clunk farther away from Klang during Brutal Swing.

Ability: No Target/Toogle
Affects: Self

Time to Reach Max Radius 1
  • This ability can only be used while Brtual Swing is active.
  • This ability is replaced with Close Up when it's toogled off.
  • Basically like Io's Spirits sub abilities.


Rough 'em Up steals 10 Gold per attack. 10 Ol' Ball n' Chain gives allies hit 25 HP regen (4 seconds)
+1 Rough 'em Up Armor Steal 15 Ol' Ball n' Chain gives allies hit 50 damage
+50% Rough 'em Up Lifesteal 20 +200 Ol' Ball n' Chain
+50% Brutal Swing Knockback Distance 25 +250% Brutal Swing Terminal Velocity Crit

Aghanim's Upgrades

  • Scepter: Brutal Swing is now a toggled ability that costs 50 mana per revolution.
  • Shard: No Surrender! now steals damage and strength from nearby enemies.

Recommended Items:

  • Medallion –> Solar Crest: Both their attacks and abilities deal lots of physical damage, which are further enhanced with this. Also grants great utility and movement speed to keep on top of enemies.
  • Arcane Boots –> Guardian Graves: They desperately need mana to keep on the move. they also are great aura carriers since they're both durable, and want to constantly be in fights.
  • Soul Ring: Fixes mana issues during the early game, and they can afford the health cost.
  • Rod of Atos –> Gleipnir: Fits with lore, and also gives great stats and a perfect setup for large crowds of enemies.
  • Assault Cuirass: Gives valuable resistance and attack speed, the armor reduction is doubly powerful as you gain damage for each enemy suffering from it.
  • Hood –> Pipe of Insight: Lets you tank magic damage, which can prevent you from getting bursted during Brutal Swing.
  • BKB: Extremely good on any initiator, vital for winning as a carry. Just keep swinging.
  • Battlefury: Complements No Surrender! extremely well.
  • Echo Sabre –> Silver Edge: Echo Sabre grants perfect stats and passive, and Invis + Break pump up your damage.
  • Blink Dagger –> Overwhelming Dagger: Initiation tool, and Overwhelming Dagger comboes with No Surrender!
  • Giant's Ring: Guaranteed bonus Strength from stepping on enemy heroes.


  • Setup (Earthshaker, Tide, Lion): Rough 'em Up and Brutal Swing can land much easier on stunned enemies.
  • Armor Reduction (Dazzle, Slardar, Solar Crest): The Chain Gang deals physical damage. Armor reduces physical damage. The Chain Gang likes it when enemies don’t have armor.
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  • Summoned Units (Brood, NP, Chen): Parents of many and zookeepers only power up No Surrender!
  • Low Mobility Squishies (KOTL, Warlock, Sniper): With reliable ways to keep on top of enemies, the Chain Gang have no problem picking off this kind of heroes.

Countered by:

  • Mana Burn + Silences (Lion, Nyx, Orchid): They really depend on their high cost spells to chase and kill enemies.
  • Roots and Leashes (Grimstroke, Slark, Atos): Chained to one another, they don't really like being chained to more things, so OBC and Brutal Swing are disabled while rooted.
  • Breaks (Viper, Nyx, Silver Edge): Without No Surrender!, most of the Chain Gang’s damage is gone.
  • Ethereal Form (Necrophos, Pugna, Ghost Scepter): The Chain Gang deals physical damage. Ethereal form negates physical damage. The Chain Gang are sad when enemies have ethereal form.


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