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CN thoughts & Memes on Aster

As usual, Aster bombed out on an international event and the fans have been brutal on their abysmal performance. Aster weibo account averages 100 comments and 300-500 likes per post but after the TNC game, there were 3.6k comments and 14.2k likes.

  1. "Sit Tight! (And) watch my performance!" This is currently the hottest meme in CN on Aster right now. Apparently, Aster posted that exact line before the playoffs. Thereafter, the rest is history.
  2. 西恩第一名,内战我最硬。 枚哲脚发软,外战我不灵。 两天认两爹,就是不能赢。 回家喝茶去,早回早放行。 This was written like a rhyming poem, basically means: Regionals no. 1, internal wars I'm the best. When its majors my legs become shaky, international battles I sucked at it. In 2 days became the son of 2 fathers (chinese saying of getting rekt, fathers are T1 and TNC), I just cannot win. Go home and drink some tea, early go early rest.
  3. 又是一轮游,厉害了! Can be interpreted as "one series tour again, powerful! ". Aster has a horrific record of going to international tournaments and bomb out after 1-2 series. A fan actually list all of their bombed tournaments since 2018. Most of the time Aster did indeed dropped out after 1 series.
  4. 都多少年了,一个bo3都没赢过,状态保持得很不错。how many years have it been, you guys have yet to win a bo3. Seems like you guys are maintaining your condition pretty well.
  5. Someone said: wtf is this 12 position invite to TI, do you think Aster is worthy of it? No! Burning (co-owner) and xiaofei (owner) should go call the police and get back his 1100W (11M RMB) from RNG as they obviously got scammed by RNG for buying Monet. Another user actually replied that Burning is doing charity by donating to a fund for mentally disabled players.
  6. Sex slave of SEA.
  7. Stop flaming Aster, they only lost 3 games the whole major, aint that CN strongest team?
  8. When is the one who hailed prostitute going to get taken care of (get kicked).
  9. My brothers in SEA who lack points dont worry! Our tea bro (multiple explainations but tea team basically means a shit team that gets eliminated early and go home to drink tea) will lose out and take good care of you. Right now, tea team best record is a 2 series major.
  10. Adding on contribution from shyich03 – 猴子猴孙 . Seen this a couple of times on weibo too, monkey son, monkey grandson. Meaning Burning and Aster are all monkeys.
  11. "How to say…. just Aster is really shit!" (memeing LGD's NTS english interview)
  12. Im sure theres more as I only sourced from weibo. Feel free to comment.
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"The reason why i bombed out of major after 1 series is because I dont wish to eliminate other CN teams"

Outside wars (Out of region games or Internationals) I would not even dare to take a single point.

Animajor 1st day elimination: Is this the strength of the No.1 Seed of the best region?!

No idea whos that cropped face, but "pictures says it all"


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