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Coaching 2.8k Naga Siren player

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I am sitting at 6.5k in SEA server. I coached my student, who was ranked at Archon 4

Part 1

My student prefaces by saying that he is at 2.8k MMR, but he believes he is at least an Ancient player; he wins a lot of games when he’s playing in a party with his friends at Ancient bracket. He told me he honestly believes he is a good player, but he can’t climb because there are feeders and bad players every other game when he’s solo.

I made an attempt to convince him otherwise by saying that if you truly belong at Ancient level, you don’t need to convince anyone that you’re a good player. You prove it by getting a result. You win more games and climb to the ancient bracket by yourself. If you can’t, then drop the ego and try to figure out what you’re doing wrong. That is the correct mindset to climb up higher. Everyone is dealing with the feeders and grifers. You're not alone. But those who climb, will climb because they are good enough to win anyhow.

In the replay, he picked Naga Siren. His starting items were fine, but I had problems with his logics of playing the first creep wave. He didn’t use Mirror Image. His reasoning was that if he pops it, the enemy Techies and Centaur will just clear them right away with Double Edge and Blast Off. I disagreed with him and shared my opinions.

Part 2 / Part 3

We talk about the mindset of being a good teammate. His mindset was such that, ‘I don’t care jack shit about my support. If my support is going to die, let him die, I must farm’. We discuss about why this is not a healthy mindset for anyone to climb up.

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We then discuss about whethter to get Diffusal Blade or Manta Style as his first core item. You should never auto-pilot and get an item, because it’s a standard build, or that what pros do. You must have your own good reason to explain yourself.

Part 4

I believe this was one of the main reasons why my student was stuck at 2k bracket. He didn’t even bother to consider buying Raindrop, Clairty, and swapping Power Treads throughout the whole game. I can respect his playstyle, but it’s worthy to note that there are other ways, perhaps the better way of playing dota by doing the little things that’s not as visible, but truly affect the game.

Part 5

In part 5, we talk about getting Drums as Naga. I do not disagree with the item, because Drum is just a fantastic item for anyone in this meta. However, it was crazy to me how my student did not even bother to check his allies’ items to see if anyone got Drums already. I think he never checked anyone’s items throughout the game. So, I pointed out how that’s a factor affecting his game. If you don’t check items, you get no information. You cannot make any conscious decisions.

Part 6

Here, we talk about how the game would have been different if we played more aggressive and shoved in the lane creeps. We tried to understand how much we benefit from it by making a small adjustment.

Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9

In part 7, he wanted to get Aeon Disk as Naga Siren. He was scared of dying to Techies and Faceless Void bursting him. My immediate reaction was it was a crazy idea, but he honestly believed it was a good itemization. So we talked about alternative choices that are much better than Aeon Disk.

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In part 8, I pointed out judging the pace of the game, after Manta Style, we did not need Diffusal Blade at all. I asked him why, and we conversate from there.

In part 9, we wrap things up with my student asking me, “Obejctively speaking, am I really a 2k player?” I had tons of fun coaching him. He was a great student, and I was glad I was able to change his mindset.

Thanks for reading. Have a good day.


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