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Coaching 800 MMR, Faceless Void

Content of the article: "Coaching 800 MMR, Faceless Void"

The followings are clips of 6.5k coaching 800 MMR player.

Part 1

Before watching the replay, I saw Faceless Void carrying 2 Moon Shards as his final itemization. I immediately knew something was wrong – I demand his logic for doing this, and we conversate.

Part 2

We talk about the starting itemization – Quelling Blade or Orb of Venom as a starting itemization. In short, I think Q-Blade is just safer and better. You should really go for whatever that fits your style. However, I believe understanding the concept of situations where OoV becomes valuable is something you can appreciate as a carry player. It can easily be a game changer. I then analyze about his mindset as he is playing the first creep wave.

Part 3

I think this is one of those classic moments where a lot of players in the low MMR bracket say : "My support is COMPLETELY useless, I can't do anything to win". The lane equilibrium got messed up and his support was not pulling. We discuss about sub-optimal decisions. Even still, my student did not play the lane perfect neither. He was staying out of the experience range; he was wasting too much time going for the Bounty Rune at minute 5. He did not make any attempts to fix the lane equilibrium by himself. All these are heavy lane-losing mistakes which cannot be undone.

Part 4

We discuss about the itemization as Faceless Void. His auto-pilot build was Mask of Madness -> Diffusal Blade -> MKB. I was surprised how Maelstrom was not even in his consideration. The item allows him to farm and fight at the same time. It enables him greatly in every aspect. Midas can be an alternative depending on the pace of the game.

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For this specific game, I imagined myself getting SnY/Satanic/Butterfly/Treads/BKB/Maelstrom as my final 6-slotted itemization. Of course, anything could have happened during the game and I would have changed my build accordingly. But I feel like having and pre-planning a solid idea to itemize your hero properly is the best way to win the game in 0-1.5k MMR bracket.

Lastly, my final advice to the players stuck in this bracket: forget about everything else, put most of your efforts in last hitting and maintaining an excellent farming patterns with efficiency. Remember to play greedy, as most of your games are expected to go late. For itemization, you can be as creative as you want, because we can always play around the build. Just know that we have to play it right to win the game. And that's not so easy. So don't beat yourself up too much for not being able to sky rocket in your MMR. It takes time and practice.

Thanks for reading.

Have a good day.

EDIT: The student was Herald IV, which is ~400 MMR, not 800.


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