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Competitive “Newcomer” seeks advice to improve quickly

Hello guys,

First of all I introduce myself, i'm a retired "semi-professionnal" csgo player, been in team around top 70/100 HLTV for years then i've "retired" from competitive CSGO since 2018. I'm a player with a competitive mindset and i'm always trying to improve. I also played League a little bit in 2014/2015, i reached diamond4 in 5 months.
I did my first game of dota in 2014 but I consider myself a newcomer since I was only playing fews games during the TI hype with some friends, so I know more or less what each hero can do. I've been back at playing dota with friends for 2 weeks and really enjoyed it. So since i'm a tryharder I want to improve and learn dota as soon as possible and and I have a few questions that more experienced players than me could answer.

• First of all, I'm the kind of player who needs to set goals, i'm currently Guardian with 5 stars, does aiming to be Archon / Legend within 3 or 4 months seem achievable? I feel able to hit 3K MMR pretty quickly, i'm watching a lot of replays / POV on youtube and when I die I always ask myself the questions "Why am I dead? What would I have?" could have done better before I died?"
• The positions I like the most are P4 and P5, is it harder to get MMR as support? I don't think so because if you are actually good, at the end of the day you'll always win more games than lose.
• When I get bullied in lane, or if something went wrong in general i'm downloading the replay of my game. Do you guys have any tips to find mistakes that I've done? Like should I watch my POV, or should I watch the POV of my opponents to see why they won the lane?
• How many heroes should I focus to master? I know that trying to be good at all heroes is a bad thing and a lot of time wasted. If I plan to be a support player (P4 / P5) how many characters should I focus on? Currently my heroes pool looks like :

P1 – WK, Juggernaut, MK, Luna, Drow Ranger
P2 – ??
P3 – Tidehunter, BB, Razor, Slardar, Timbersaw
P4 – Spirit Breaker, Mirana, Earthshaker, Silencer
P5 – AA, Ogre Magi, Abaddon, CM, Jakiro, Silencer

I was playing "that much" heroes to give a try to pretty much every pos pasts weeks, I imagine that if i'm targeting to main P4 and P5 it's kinda a wast of time playing that much heroes in P1 and P3? Maybe should I learn to play only 1 or 2 heroes in P1/P3 just in case something went wrong with my team during my team's draft?

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• If you guys know any youtuber/streamers that mostly play P4/P5 with good MMR and english speaker, feel free to tell me!

Thanks for reading me, friends.


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