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Guild system rework thread.

Content of the article: "Guild system rework thread."

I feel like the guild system that’s currently implemented doesn’t promote actively partying up and communicating with the players in the guild. I thought of a rework that might change how things are presented.

  • Guild points.
    The points system keeps stacking up, resulting in nothing but a global leaderboard.
    – implementing guild achievements on point milestones, instead of the requirement to be in the top percentile; the achievements could be both in a graphic form (like in WoW for example), while some could offer rewards (such as the ones already present); I feel like this could engage users more to play together, in order to win an achievement; Also, there could also be cosmetic rewards for the guild, such as banner upgrades, patterns etc.
  • Partying up.
    I feel like the player rank range varies from guild to guild. Considering factors like online time and MMR, some players will never be able to queue. Also, playstyle comes into discussion, and it’s hard to match 3 players that actually get along in rank, roles and play similarity.
    – lower the cap to 2 members in guild party in order to get rewards; the rewarded points could increase based of how many members are in the party.
  • Activity
    There’s no real statistic that allows us to see how well a member is performing. I sometimes find myself choosing between new members and old (but inactive) players that have contributed more.
    – add an average points / day statistic, so it’s easier to know which members are contributing
    – add a “joined on date” row that can let us know in what time-frame the user has achieved x number of points.
  • Communication
    Forcing the steam chat as the only way of communicating things feels out of the game (just as external software). I know it isn’t, but it feels like it. It lacks a lot of features, which is why I decided to create a Discord channel.
    – add a forum-like feature in a new guild tab
    – make the guild description character limit bigger, so we could provide more information into that panel.
  • Guild Competition
    There’s no real way one could brag with the guild, other than its ranking.
    – implement a guild league system, where people could play against other guilds; it could either be the battle-cup transitioned towards it, or an entire new system; this could reward points and achievements as well
    – add a MMR system for the guild, with its own ranked category
  • Other:
    • displaying the right photo dimensions to upload for the guild logo
    • coaching system where users could play with guild members as coach (for extra points)
    • Q&A section in a guild tab, where users could ask questions or plan partying up ahead
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If you like these ideas, please upvote, so Valve can see this and maybe give consideration to a few of them. If you have any suggestions, I will add in the “Other” section, with a mention to your name. I encourage you to actively discuss features, so we can decide, as a community, what the best system would be.

Thank you!


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