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Confused about existing in 500 mmr

I'm primarily a pos1 player who calibrated at 480 mmr, but watching coaching sessions in the 500-1k mmr bracket it seems like I don't have most of the major problems that those students do (fundamental misunderstandings of the game, their character, itemization, etc.). The one thing I have noticed is not as good as I thought is my CS, so I've been practicing against bots and just by myself to try to either get every last hit and every deny or just have 25 cs by 5 minutes against unfair bots.

My question is how do I know what else I need to improve on? I want to make sure I'm not leaving anything out and just expecting better csing to carry me up 1000 mmr, so what kind of things do 500 mmr players generally need to improve at in order to stop being at 500 mmr?

EDIT: I went through my dotabuff and found some matches where I think I did well/badly.

Matches where I did well:

Naga Siren: This was not a ranked game but Naga Siren is a character I feel that I play very well and I did very well on her this game. She is a comfort pick for me because I feel like I can do well on her, cs effectively, farm efficiently, and dominate the lane, but I try to only pick her in games without a ton of area damage. Ironically, this game they did have a lot of multi-target damage due to items, but I still think that I played very well and our team won.

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Ursa: I think I played fairly well this game. It was a little frustrating to have an "offlane" wraith king who basically just tried to play pos1 from the offlane, building carry items and constantly taking safe farm, but I tried to just focus on my own game, get my items, push out lanes and only show up to good fights I felt strong enough to take, and we ended up winning.

Matches where I did poorly:

Phantom Assassin: This is a month-old game so it might not be representative of my current skill level, but I would be interested to know what I should have done here. Overall, the lane was horrible (I think my midlaner lost the lane as well) and I had to leave and start jungling very early, I had a late battle fury and the enemy team took multiple towers and went high ground extremely early. I knew I couldn't do anything so I just left, went to the enemy jungle and started cutting waves, hitting camps, and farming up my next item (which was a bkb, but I think I should have gone deso first instead since the bkb doesn't mean anything if I have no impact regardless).

Juggernaut: I tried to go a weird spin/aghs shard/fighting build this game because I wanted to push and end the game before the medusa got farmed, but I don't think I fought enough to justify it and just fell off later.

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