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Could someone watch some replays to talk to me about what I’m doing wrong (and hopefully some stuff I do right)

Content of the article: "Could someone watch some replays to talk to me about what I’m doing wrong (and hopefully some stuff I do right)"

So I used to get quite anxious about playing ranked but I got over that recently. I did my placements and am currently crusader at 1,580 mmr while playing mid. I’ve had 3 games recently where I felt I performed really well, one arc warden where I won, one monkey king and one void spirit, both of which I lost

First game: arc warden Match ID: 5611481508 Lasted 42 minutes and felt like my best ranked performance. Also helped that my team was ok. I just wanted to know what people thought I could have done better, e.g I don’t think I was very efficient farming wise or if my build could have been different. This is more of a nitpick one in my opinion because it felt like a great game too me. Edit: realised I forgot to mention that I know that I walked in the middle of the enemy team while not doing anything in one of the last fights. I mucked up my micro and was lucky I used bkb.

Second game: monkey king Match ID: 5613015154 Lasted 75 mins (I understand if that is a bit too long for people to take time out of their day to look at). I thought I played lane really well but not sure about went wrong because it felt like we should have won. I know I got caught out once or twice late game because I stepped out too far but, especially in the final team fight, it felt like we should have won easily. My build could have been an issue because I don’t know if nullifier was the right choice. Or if going the desolater build was the right idea.

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Third game: void spirit: Match ID: 5613245391 Lasted 36 minutes. Just didn’t go well. Was against a doom mid and something obviously went wrong because he completely took over the game. Feels a bit like it was my fault because he was my lane opponent. I think my biggest issue was not roaming enough early game but even then I’m not certain. One thing is that I have never been very sure of the build on void spirit in different situations so the doom kinda threw me off.

Thank you very much for taking time out of your day to help. I will try to be active in the comments as I would love to discuss about what I was doing wrong (and hopefully right) and know what to improve.

Dotabuff link in case anyone wants to look: Also apologise for the format. Was done on mobile.


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