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Daily herald tip #17

Playing illusion heroes short guide

Specifically tb, pl, naga because spec and ck illus comes from their ulti but general whatever I say still applies to them. Most important thing when playing illu heroes is that your illu is only as strong as your current hp. This is why building stats on illu heroes is the only way to go. Illus dont benefit from raw dmg and this 3 heroes all can farm as fast as a fury am/pa with their innate abilities.

What are the differences between the 3 heroes? Imo most is how much their dmg their illus' deal. Pl illu's deal 22%, naga does 40% and tb does 60% dmg. Why do only build pl diffu while tb nevers get it? Because of this factor. Pl buys diffu and slowly chips people down while tb chunk people with meta + illus. The items that these 3 wants to buy every game is pt manta skadi/heart bfly with minor variation individually. Pl has to get diffu, tb wants to get agha, naga kind of in the middle so she gets whatever is needed in the game.

For items: Midas? Generally no. Aura items? Ac is pretty good against dr/et. Bkb? You don't want to but situationally is a must buy (tb is ok with bkb since his illus are different). Hood? It's ok for pl if there is like lesh. Mage slayer? Really expensive and awkward to fit into your build but maybe on naga as a substitute for hood. Rad? No. Rad gives no stats and cost 5.2k. It doesn't benefit these 3 as a farming item as they all have innate farming abilities unlike a spec and they are not easily kitable except tb who even then has an aoe slow. I have not seen a pro player went rad on illu heroes for probably 5 years but I still occasionally see this in pubs.

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How to farm? You can take all the red farm 🙂 After laning stage you can just nc and send illu to 2 lanes for max efficiency. If their heroes are good at clearing just cut behind to ensure they waste their time clearing. You also want to make sure you are taking enemy farm because they really cant do anything about it. Learn to use control groups so you can micro efficiently.


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