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Dear Valve, this player Kurisu is a top 200 player from SEA and is smurfing/boosting/playing in alt account in party ranked..when will you ban obvious smurfers?

Hello Valve/reddit

Me and my friend were playing 5 man party ranked queue games only to get encountered by this top 200 rank player (according to dotabuff) .
I know this guy as i have seen his streams few times ,youtube clips and i definitely became 100% sure when i saw his name with guild tag. He is the guild leader and his alternate account which we faced has the same name as his main account.His friends are obviously getting boosted and one of his friend KEYK is a streamer from Philippines,and our game was on her live stream.when i asked everything on her stream,kurisu then appears in her chat just to say that he is playing in alt account and i am not boosting ,"i am playing with my friend just for fun",playing the victims role in this particular time-stamp.

Kurisu in chat addressing people(basically playing victims role)

Also this guy was ultra toxic in game bm pausing, question marking us,abusing saying we are bad in post game when i asked it out in post game chat(sorry i forgot to take screenshot at the time to add proofs here)

This is the screen shot i took from kurisu's vod , the account which he uses to smurf with his friend, and the account which we encountered ,which is both same,clearly indicating that the guy i am accusing kurisu is playing from smurf account.

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top 200 player,Kurisu's smurf account details

The game where we encountered kurisu

If you look the above 3 screenshots,it is clearly visible that kurisu is smurfing,thereby ruining the dota experience for others.
Kurisu's main id : Art
Kurisu's smurf id : Kurisu
Kurisu's stream : Kurisu_xi – Twitch
Game ID in which we encountered kurisu : Match 5962282380

I definitely had my hopes up when i read the blog back then saying that any type of smurfing is punishable. but clearly valve doesnt care.I only get to enjoy 1 or 2 games maximum a week out of my busy life.and the fact that it gets ruined by smurfs is frustrating.

Valve ,Please,I beg you take action on both of his account, let this be a message to everyone who do it,they are ruining your game.please dont allow him to ruin more games in furthur.

Thank You.


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