Dota 2

Demon Slayer

"Bane of all evil, slayer of demons."


Atop the Serenity Blossom peaks lies the Asuka monastery, home to an order of swordsmen who combine magic and physical combat into an artform. During the day they finely tune their craft through rigorous training; at night, they descend from the mountains to hunt down demons in the nearby forest. And thus it was for hundreds of years, their members chasing away any evil which could threaten the peace of the land.

One night there were no demons. And the next. All the evil spirits had suddenly left, never to haunt the place again. Elated but without purpose, the swordsmen were sent away from the monastery. Among them was Ori. He was given a new decree – to travel the world and to help all those who were helpless, and to slay all evil which should cross his path.

– Looks like a stereotypical ninja with a mask to the side.

Notable Stats:

Is a melee intelligence hero. Low Base Strength + High Strength Gain; High Base Agility + High Agility Gain; High Base Intelligence + Mediocre Intelligence gain. High movement speed (~315), good base attack time (1.5 seconds).

Abilities: Not all stats are listed. Stats listed below are for max level skills. Note that all "Cutter" abilities have backswing times.

After a "Cutter" ability is casted, it will cause your blade to remain infused with that element, giving it elemental particle effects. Has no effect other than visuals.

Fire Cutter – Has 3 charges. Ori infuses his blade with fire and quickly performs a slashing attack in front of him, dealing damage in an AoE. Deals magical damage based on your attack damage. Applies the burning status, which will deal magical damage over time.

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Magical Damage Multiplier: 150%;

Cast Time: 0.4 seconds;

Charge Restore Time: ~8-12 seconds

Let the flames burn bright, and all demons turn to ash.

– AoE is a semi-circle centered on the hero. Staggers forward slightly (~200 units) before slashing.

Water Cutter – Has 3 charges. Ori infuses his blade with water and performs a wide slashing attack, dealing damage in a circular area around him. Deals magical damage based on your attack damage. Applies the wet status, which will slow enemies.

Magical Damage Multiplier: 200%;

Cast Time: 0.6 seconds;

Charge Restore Time: ~8-12 seconds

With enough momentum, even a gentle wave can turn into a deadly force.

– Spell hits all enemies surrounding him.

Lightning Cutter – Has 3 charges. Ori infuses his blade with lightning and sheaths it before dashing forward and striking. Mini stuns enemies caught in the path. Deals magical damage based on your attack damage. Applies the conduct status, which blinds enemies, causing them to miss 25% of their attacks.

Magical Damage Multiplier: 125%;

Mini-Stun Duration: 0.4;

Cast Time: 0.4 seconds;

Dash Distance: 800 units;

Charge Restore Time: ~8-12 seconds

Swift Blade, Lighting Strikes!

– Hits enemies within a narrow path.

Ultimate: De-Enlightenment (toggle) – While active, gain 100% damage immunity and become untargetable but rapidly drain your health. Healing, lifesteal, and any other form of health gain is muted while toggeled. Damage is not fatal; if your health is reduced to 1, this spell will instead untoggle and go on a 10 second cooldown. Passively increases movement speed and reduces cooldowns.

Health drain per second: 33% Max Health;

Movespeed Bonus: 50-100;

Cooldown Reduction: 25%;

Cooldown: 0.5 seconds

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Though most masters are attuned to nature, if the time need be, Ori can detach his spiritual connection to wreak havoc on the physical plane.

– Can be used while casting other spells. Interrupts your channeling abilities and spells.

Aghanim's Scepter Upgrades De-Enlightenment

De-Enlightenment can be cast while disabled.

Alternatively, gain a new ability:

Constant Assault (Target Point) – Repeat all spells cast two seconds ago. Spells cast by this skill have reduced cast times and do not consume charges. Spells cast this way may also not be interrupted, except by death.

Cast Time Reduction: 50%

One must be unrelenting when fighting demons.

– Takes the direction the cast point is in and then uses spells accordingly. The target point is in case you cast lightning cutter; the first lightning cutter will be cast at max range or at the target point, and so on.

Alternatively, gain a new ability:

Final Power (No Target) – Ori draws energy from his surroundings and unleashes it in a massive attack, which, after a delay, deals massive damage and stuns depending on the amount of charge-based abilities you have left.

Damage: 250 + used charges * 150;

Stun duration: 0.2 + used charges * 0.2;

AoE: 1250 units;

Cast Time: 1.5 seconds;

Effect Delay: 2 seconds;

Cooldown: 160 seconds

A last, desperate move, Ori gathers the sum of his willpower and channels it into the ground.

– Plays a very obvious rumbling-earth sound once spell is done casting.

Aghanim's Shard Upgrades All Cutter Abilities

Fire Cutter – Casting Fire Cutter now decreases cast time. This decrease lasts ~0.5 seconds and can refresh and stack.

Water Cutter – When Water Cutter hits an enemy hero, applies a regeneration buff to yourself and nearby allies. Healing buff is muted after taking too much damage from enemies.

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Lightning Cutter – After casting Lightning Cutter, after a brief delay, create a secondary trail of residue lightning that does reduced damage and rapidly mini-stuns.

– Magical Damage Multiplier per instance: 25%;

– Stun duration per instance: 0.2 seconds;

– Instances: 3;

– Instance interval: 0.1 seconds;

– Delay Time: 1 second;

Elemental Reactions: Elemental reactions occur when two or more elemental statuses are affecting the same enemy.

Fire + Water = Vaporize – Slows enemy attack speed and movement speed.

Fire + Lighting = Overflux – Enemies affected by this reaction will emit a field which deals damage to nearby units. Damage stacks .

Water + Lightning = Shock – Enemies affected by this reaction will be periodically mini-stunned and take light magical damage.

But why, u/HowDoIBlowUpTheMoon*, don't you have Fire Cutter, Storm Cutter, and Stone Cutter?* Because who wants to see someone throw f*cking rocks?? Plus, it wouldn't really fit with the color pallet.


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