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Deranked From Divine To Archon Cus of Worthless Teammates, Ask me Anything!

Content of the article: "Deranked From Divine To Archon Cus of Worthless Teammates, Ask me Anything!"

On my climb up from Crusader to divine, I had roughly a 65-70% win rate after I started taking the game seriously.

The Dota MatchMaking Algorithm connected me with players also trying to improve, people who could pull their own weight.

Then at some point, the Dota Algorithm decided that if I was truly Divine, I could solo win games.

Well you cant. The truth is dota is a team game and you cannot solo win games no matter how good you are or what position you play, if your team is full of animals.

Anyone who says otherwise is sub 5k trash who likes to have a veil of mysterious elitism and uses clichés to flame lower ranked players. The truth is you cannot win solo no matter how good you are. Watch any booster streamer they loose once the algorithm kicks in, which is explained here:

If you gain too much MMR too fast, the algorithm will think you are a top 1 immortal player, and place you in games where your team has 3 IQ points between the 4 of them, and your enemy are all former stand-ins for the international.

This derank is also evidence of the forced 50% win rate, as I am clearly good to climb, but the game forces a 50/50 win lose rate on all its players. The only variance is when the algorithm kicks in.

Some players go years without hitting the 50/50 algorithm benchmark, for some it takes only a few days of playing. The good thing is, how long the forced 50/50 is placed on you also varies. For example I might be forced to have 50/50 win loss for a few weeks, maybe a month, some guys stuck in it for years, others only get placed into that bot script for a few days so it doesnt affect them.

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Yes, people are retarded in divine/ancient as well.

Pudge 2/4/5s, weaver 4/5s, clinkz 4/5s, Cant end game with 20k gold lead by 20 minutes, let AM farm to catch up and then lose.

TL:DR | Divine gets deranked back to archon after getting screwed by the algorithm and placed with braindead teammates for 100+ games in a row. Minus 3000 MMR cus of worthless teams.


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