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Diffusal on PL late game.

Content of the article: "Diffusal on PL late game."

hey guys i just wanna ask if its worth to replace diffusal in a 6 slotted game? like something else, maybe depends on the situation? lets say im against a sven he is 6 slotted as well with daedalus, assault cuirass, bkb(negates mana burn for 5 seconds late game), mkb(i built butterfly), silver edge, satanic. The scenario is just manfighting sven guys, so lets just forget about the others, lets just see it as 2 of us carrying each team that is not doing well, as we're the only 2 trying to fight each other, like 4 of his team dies to me and 4 of my team dies to him. and we're left into a 1v1 situation.

Then I have

Diffusal + SnY or either manta, heart, skadi, butterfly, satanic(for survivability in case i have to manfight sven)

and for instance lets say i sold or put my diffusal into my backpack then replace it with an assault cuirass ( which gives me ton of armor and for my allies if no one has built them yet, or an abyssal blade, to battle him with a stun, but i think the cuirass is better here if i want to put up a fight longer, but the question is, is it worth replacing diffusal with another item? (6 slotted) now without having a disable, (slow) diffusal, (stun) abyssal, is PL still gonna put a huge impact without the diffusal? I've never done it yet but i would like to but maybe i'll throw with the decision but i saw some pros/high mmr players replacing diffusal on late game so i just want to ask you guys if its okay replacing it lategame.

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Other question:

And I know you will be questioning me if why I'll build butterfly against a sven for I know he'll build MKB once he sees me having a butterfly(i built butterfly first), so my other question is, is building an abyssal blade better than building a butterfly against sven? or if so what is an item that is worth buying besides a butterfly or abyssal, maybe halberd? as his bkb will be only 5 seconds soon anyway.

So my order of buying is:

Diffusal > Manta/SnY(depends on silences, roots) > Heart > Butterfly(questionable can be replaced by halberd or abyssal, please share your thoughts on this one if butterfly is worth buying/keeping or should be replaced) > Skadi> Satanic > (Sell) Diffusal or Put in backpack > Buy Assault Cuirass.

So overall my 6 slotted items will be:

  1. Manta/SnY(depends on the game) ( im not sure too if these items are worth late game, so please let me know)

  2. Heart

  3. Butterfly(could be Abyssal/Halberd(?))

  4. Skadi

  5. Satanic

  6. Assault Cuirass

Please suggest me better items if im against a good sven as i'm a good PL player itself, its still hard to go against a good sven with good teammates or If my build is right against a good sven.

I'm not perfect, i just want your help/suggestions, thanks.

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I tried in Demo my build works, but im also the sven, so im not sure about it If a real sven player would go against me with the build i created.


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