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(Discussion) Not sure how to title properly but feels like this sub is getting worse and worse.

Content of the article: "(Discussion) Not sure how to title properly but feels like this sub is getting worse and worse."


just trying to bring a perception to my comrades eyes. How long have you been subbed here? Have you noticed how this sub is growing? If you search by top posts of all time youll see that 6 of the top 10 posts were made less than 3 months ago, one of them is from 5 month ago and the other 3 are from an year ago. This sub is older than that.. much older i believe. Feels like that every topic has much more posts and upvotes than before. And this is good, right? Right? Well.. i dont believe so. To begin with even when there were a little number of replies it was hard to find decent posts and trust them. How would you know if the person had the knowledge to backup what he/she was saying?

I remember we had discussions about giving MMR flairs to people but we luckly got over that as i believe the idea wasnt good.. and those kind of discussons just died out. We got educated as a colective in some sense and dont point out that stuff anymore.. but turns out that in my opinion we might need something to sort out who is talking what. The amount of useless tips infos and discussions is becoming overwhelming.

Do you feel like im gatekeeping? Absolutely yes! "Oh little ones you have no idea, Old good New bad!". Alright, its not like this.. it wasnt great to begin with, but now its going full bad. Dont get me wrong, i love the fact that its growing. I actually believe this sub deserves it, its really good.. dota2 doesnt come even close. But we should try to find a way to filter out some good information from all the bad that is coming up.

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As the topics grow larger and larger it gets harder and harder. Ive been a redditor for many years now and i know the doom of most of the subs is that when they grow they usually go full shit mode, deviating from what they used to be, and i believe this is going to happen to this one, one my most loved subs.

I wish i could make any suggestions but im empty. I have seen this happen in many subs and im seeing it happening in front of my eyes again.. So i bring the discussion and ask you a question: how do you feel like we could sort out the posts so people that are NOT skilled dont post as often as people that are really skilled and actually bring something useful to the table?

Only thing that comes to my mind is having heroes specialists.. Flair people that are good with some heroes maybe? And hope for god they post.. alright thats a shit idea. Help me guys, help us to make this sub ever greater!


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