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Do people actually know what low mmr is like or are they just memeing

Content of the article: "Do people actually know what low mmr is like or are they just memeing"

Everytime Herald/Guardian is mentioned, we see comments about how they don't know the basics of dota, their monitor is unplugged, they think invisibility is game glitch etc etc. "Heralds aren't even playing Dota" I know some of these are exaggerations but sometimes I go on Youtube and see those videos like "ember spirit in different ranks" and I watch the Herald gameplay and it is absolutely atrocious. Things like 15 last hits at 10 minutes. Some mid player warding the same spot at mid 4 times and getting dewarded every single time.

I'm Guardian 1, a few hundred hours in the game only but honestly people aren't that atrocious. At the very least, the mids and safelaners get 30 last hits at 10 minutes which is bad, but not as bad as freaking 15 last hits.

I see Legend-ranked redditors complaining about teammates going to farm jungle after getting a team wipe. Like, wtf? That shit never happens even at Guardian. After a team wipe it is ALWAYS "push mid". Most of the time my supports in Guardian will carry dust unless they're griefing. Invisibility isn't some sort of auto-win like some people imply. I do feel like my teammates have an actual concept of how to play the game properly.

I feel like most high rank players think low mmr is easy MAINLY because they know how to punish mistakes and out of position enemies, and then they rack up lots of early game kills and basically snowball to the point they don't have to think for the rest of the game. From observing smurfs, they know when to dive towers and get kills, and by 20 minutes the game is pretty much over. They don't even have to try. Even I, sometimes when I get a good start, I stomp so hard that it feels like my enemies are bots because I take away half their hp just by pressing 1 button.

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Idk man, I see people saying things like they can play CM in Herald and farm divine rapiers and win the game easily and they sound serious about their claims. I really doubt someone can end a game with 0 deaths when the whole enemy team will be after you, throw all their stuns on you and right click you.

I know a lot of people started playing Dota a long time ago and basically calibrated at Archon or something like that, and the idea of there existing ranks under their initial calibration is honestly quite laughable. The presence of videos on Youtube showing absolutely horrendous Herald gameplay probably affirms their theories.

I'm just wondering if anyone has had recent experience in Herald/Guardian. Surely it's not as bad as people say. Maybe the average skill level has increased, same like Csgo where Silvers aren't actually as pathetic as they were years ago.


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